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The 4th Youth Market introduced and promoted products and honors the cultural identity of ethnic minority areas in Quang Ngai province.

According to the Quang Ngai Provincial Youth Union, the 4th Youth Market was organized by the Provincial Youth Union in coordination with relevant agencies at the Dien Hong Provincial Youth Activity Center. The Youth Market is part of a series of activities called "Activities to promote business start-ups and entrepreneurship among union members and youth in ethnic minority and mountainous areas of Quang Ngai province 2023".

This is an annual activity organized by the Youth Union Standing Committee in coordination with the Vietnam Youth Union of Quang Ngai province to promote trade, encourage trade and startup movement among union members and youth in ethnic minority and mountainous areas, through which contributing to improving production efficiency, increasing people's income and socio-economic development in ethnic minority and mountainous areas of the province.

The market had 32 booths with more than 1,500 startup products, typical products of startups from 05 mountainous districts of Son Tay, Son Ha, Tra Bong, Ba To, Minh Long, such as: Salted bamboo shoots, lemongrass chili salt, wild honey, wild vegetables, myrtle wine, black chicken, ant chicken, Ky pig, black chicken eggs, Minh Long fresh tea, don vegetables, red ginger, wild bamboo shoots, wild bananas... Agricultural products are grown in a natural, safe, and healthy way.

The market also introduced more than 20 startup product lines, typical products of young startups in the province such as: fresh Cordyceps, freeze-dried Cordyceps, Cordyceps wine, lotus seed cordyceps juice, red brown rice, purple brown rice, white brown rice, white rice, An Tra wine, brown rice tea, rice bran, fish sauce, natural essential oil products... More than 100 handmade products are created by youth union members.

In addition to the purpose of introducing and promoting products and honoring regional cultural identities, especially ethnic minority areas, this was also an opportunity for product owners to exchange and learn startup experiences, see connection, find outputs and promote their products.

To date, Quang Ngai province has 124 products achieving OCOP standards, including 9 4-star products and 115 3-star products. It also has many typical rural industrial products and regional specialties.

Quang Ngai province has 57 cooperatives in the ethnic minority and mountainous areas. Of these, there are 46 cooperatives in operation with nearly 1,000 members (ethnic minorities account for about 70%). Cooperatives have contributed to better exploiting the potentials and advantages in each locality, spreading products to markets inside and outside the province.

Notably, among these cooperatives, many are startup models of youth union members and young people. To bring products from ethnic minority and mountainous areas closer to consumers, the Quang Ngai Provincial Youth Union has accompanied and sought to connect and expand consumption markets.

Khanh Vy