From the “out of order” announcement… 

"And that's it," begins the narrative. “The boss said on a silent afternoon that McDonald's would no longer be selling the current Burger.” 

What would McDonald's sell if they stopped offering hamburgers? Any reader who just skims the article must be wondering that. In turn, the notices of nostalgia for the old burger lines received a lot of heartfelt appreciation from customers and the online community. 

McDonald's receives earnest customers' loyalty and affection 

McDonald's implemented adjustments to the present burger line in response to consumer feedback, resulting in the introduction of an enhanced burger line.

With the introduction of the innovative burger line and the Big Mac Glamping - Taste the Change music event, which features the title song Big Mac TMMT and performances by popular bands and singers, McDonald's continues to express its gratitude to its fans.

To the Big Mac Glamping - Taste the Change music night

According to the brand's representative, Big Mac Glamping - Taste the Change is an expression of tribute from McDonald's crew, performed by artists with melodious music to touch their dearest customers. 

The glamping event is filled with the right ambiance, fascinating sights and enchanting music in the heart of the city so that guests can unwind while feeling changes in the new burger generation - the Fragrant Soft and Succulent Burgers.

Cherish the burger and indulge in the "Fragrance, Softness, Succulence, Absorbance" of it, McDonald's tells the audience anecdotes: Taste Delicious Foods, Feel Good Moments and Doubled Happiness. 

Corresponding to the chain of McDonald's journeys, they have been adored and supported by customers after many years of being in Vietnam.

 McDonald's telling stories through music

Taste the delicious food and get stimulated by its sweet aroma, caressing both the flavor and the typical beef flavor, minced onion, and the smell of baked goods that delight customers. 

This irresistible scent urges customers to devour the delicious burger, then be enthralled by the harmonious taste of the ingredients. 

Such pleasures make us just want to forever enjoy the moment of taking a mouthful bite, feeling the juicy, crispy meat with fresh vegetables. 

We instantly discovered that we had been Big Mac fans for a very long time without even realizing it thanks to the awakening sauce. 

Happiness doubles as a recall of the pleasant and special occasions spent sharing delectable burgers with our loved ones.  

 Big Mac TMMT begins with upbeat tunes that highlight the excellent flavor while scorching the enticing high notes

Each tale of the cook in the heat is told by the music in the artist's heart and voice, surrounded by the applause and encouragement of the crowd. 

When the song Big Mac TMMT begins, the joyful melodies elicit a burst of joy. What could be more joyful and satisfying than biting a huge piece while reveling in good music to your ears?

Music holds great power; instead of saying, McDonalds' chose to hum, imbued with heart-to-heart and lyrical poetry that the audience can “bring” back home, as well as a meaningful and heartfelt "thank you," stating a bond that will remain forevermore. 

So that is the "Fragrant - Soft - Succulent - Absorbent" Burgers

On the occasion of launching a new burger line, McDonald's offers customers 30% off for all burgers on the menu until May 28, 2023

If cuisine should be fully felt with 5 senses, then enjoying the new Standard Burger from McDonald's is the right thing to do. 

It is a journey that evokes all your senses to fully enjoy the explosion of flavors and flavors. At first glance, it is eye-catching; feeling the soft and warm ham in hand, gobbling its juicy meat with sauce soaked in each layer of ingredient mixed with crisp and crunchy veggies. What a bliss!

Fragrant - Soft - Succulent - Absorbent, is the standard Burger that McDonald's has created by taking feedback from customers to bring about change down to every detail. 

Want to know what a Standard Burger is? Visit the nearest McDonald's and try it out with your senses in its entirety!