VietNamNet Bridge - According to tests conducted in 2012, meat and vegetables took the lead for being contaminated with bacterium and chemical residues among agricultural products.



Nearly 40 percent of chicken samples have E.coli infections. 

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, in 2012, 1,200 samples of vegetables were tested, with 96 samples containing pesticide residues, accounting for 8 percent.

According to testing results of microbial contamination in 17 provinces in 2012, 28/275 (10 percent) of the pork samples were contaminated with Salmonella; 30.7 percent of the chicken samples in 2011 and 38.7 percent in 2012 were contaminated with E.coli.

The Department of Agricultural Product Quality says that the high rate of bacterial and chemical residue contamination among vegetables and meat is caused by a lack of specific regulations on food quality monitoring for all provinces and cities.

Agriculture Minister Cao Duc Phat acknowledged that vegetables with pesticide residues exceeding the allowed level is still very high compared to developed countries. With the goal of reducing by 10 percent of the food quality-related violations of this year, compared with 2012, the Minister directed relevant agencies to strengthen supervision, examination and punishment over food quality-related violations this year.

Le Ha