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Vietnam to import large amounts of pork for Tet

Vietnam is facing a shortage of pork for the Lunar New Year holiday, or Tet, so responsible ministries and departments plan to import 100,000 tons of pork for this largest and longest national holiday.

Inflation to remain below 4 percent in 2020: officials

Inflation for the next 12 months is expected to remain lower than 4 per cent, just like it has over the past three years.


Minister warns firms of pork price hike

If pig farming firms continue to push pork prices up, they will suffer losses and damage as customers are forecast to use alternative meats and imported pork is likely to flood the local market until it dominates the pork market.

Chung cake makers rush to buy pork as shortage continues

Chung cake makers in Hanoi are facing difficulties buying pork as demand increases for the Tet Holiday.

Agriculture ministry criticized for pork price upsurge

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s leadership should evaluate and learn from its shortcomings and be held accountable for delays in reporting the potential shortage of pork and the pork price hike to the Government.

Pork prices hit all-time high in HCM City

Prices of pork hit a record high with some supermarkets in Ho Chi Minh City selling pork ribs at VND280,000 per kilogram and the price of pigs reaching VND90,000 per kilogram.

Higher pork prices push related food costs up in Vietnam

The sharp rise in pork prices has driven up the costs of related food in restaurants and markets.

Vietnam to import pork to ensure supply in Tet holiday

Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue on November 18 assigned the Ministry of Industry and Trade to calculate pork supply and demand every month from now until Tet holiday.

Ministry acts to ensure adequate pork supply in Vietnam

The Ministry of Industry and Trade over the past few months has proposed solutions to the prime minister to stabilize the local market in the lead up to the upcoming Tet holiday early next year.

Imported meat much cheaper than domestic products

VietNamNet Bridge - Imported meat available at nearly all large supermarkets in Hanoi is surprisingly cheap, posing a threat to the domestic livestock industry.

Meat imports, banned substances threaten Vietnam’s livestock industry

VietNamNet Bridge - While Vietnam struggles with scandals about banned substances and high antibiotic residue, meat imports from Europe have begun dominating the domestic market.

Meat, vegetables top for bacterial contamination and chemical residues

VietNamNet Bridge - According to tests conducted in 2012, meat and vegetables took the lead for being contaminated with bacterium and chemical residues among agricultural products.

Wild animal meat sold rampantly in Huong Pagoda

VietNamNet Bridge - Civets, deer, roebucks and porcupines are butchered and hung for sale along the way to the Huong (Perfurme) Pagoda.