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Water sufficiency leads development: expert

Vietnam needs a long-term general management strategy on the use of water.

Environment Ministry's report shows serious environmental problems

VietNamNet Bridge - A report from the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (MONRE) shows worrying figures about the environment. 

Vietnam needs master plan for water sources: expert

VietNamNet Bridge - The rainy season has begun and the serious drought in Mekong Delta is finally over. However, Vietnam will still face water shortages and saline intrusion in the long term. 

Mekong Delta finds it hard to attract FDI in agriculture

VietNamNet Bridge - Many investors from Asia have poured capital into the Mekong Delta region, but the investment in agriculture remains modest. 

Southerners have new jobs thanks to rising levels of seawater

VietNamNet Bridge - Sea water rise and saline intrusion have damaged crops this year, but they have offered opportunities for farmers to breed shrimp on rice fields.

Mekong water diversion projects threaten Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Experts have warned that Vietnam is in danger as Thailand, Laos and Cambodia are speeding up their Mekong water diversion plans.

Laos builds third hydropower dam, threatening Mekong River in VN

Vietnam needs to find solutions to the increasing number of hydropower dams being built in regional countries. 

Urgent plans needed to adapt to climate change, rising sea levels

The historic drought this year affected 45,000 hectares of rice and crops, causing a loss of VND8.114 trillion in total. The drought and saline intrusion caused 2 million people to lack water for daily use,

Water in Mekong River Delta at risk of arsenic contamination

VietNamNet Bridge - The underground water level in Mekong Delta has been degrading rapidly, and is at risk of arsenic contamination.

Mekong River Delta faces risks of landslides

VietNamNet Bridge - As heavy rains have helped end the long drought in the Mekong River Delta, the delta’s people are facing a new danger – landslides.

Mekong Delta lacks water, scientists discuss turning seawater into fresh water

VietNamNet Bridge - Though saline intrusion in Mekong River Delta has eased, helping farmers cultivate the summer-autumn crop, 1 million people still lack clean water for daily life.

Vietnam to import inexpensive Australian cows as demand for beef grows

VietNamNet Bridge - Live beef in Vietnam is the most expensive in South East Asia, which explains why Vietnamese businesses are now rushing to import Australian cows at low prices. 

Unlicensed hydropower plant being built in mountainous area

VietNamNet Bridge - Another unlicensed hydropower work is under construction, reporters have found.

Coffee growers urged to save water resources

VietNamNet Bridge - A Highlands Agriculture and Forestry Science Institute (WASI) shows that the climate change has had big impacts on agriculture, while coffee is one of the most affected crops.

Hydropower plant makes people’s lives upset

VietNamNet Bridge - The lives of hundreds of thousands of households in the downstream Ba River has been upset since the day the An Khe-Kanak blocked the stream to store water for electricity generation in September 2011.

Mekong Delta’s life depends on upstream waters

VietNamNet Bridge - Scientists have warned that the serious drought is just the ‘overture’ for a succession of blows that natural calamities and human activities will have on the Mekong Delta.

National Assembly's deputies propose to ease luxury tax on cars

VietNamNet Bridge - National Assembly deputies, when consulted by the Finance & Budget Committee about the luxury tax law amendment, have proposed to lower the tax on cars.

Vietnam uses high-tech measures to save water

Vietnam is following two solutions in a national program to save water – developing technologies which allow people to minimize the consumption of fresh water; and developing low-cost technologies which allow conversion of sea water into fresh water.

VN's rice supply may decrease due to drought and saline intrusion

VietNamNet Bridge - Opinions vary about the rice supply in the context of the serious drought and saline intrusion in the Mekong River Delta, the rice granary of Vietnam. 

Students design special house that protects residents from pollution

VietNamNet Bridge - Two students have invented a house which protects people in areas near the Khanh Son dumping ground in Da Nang City from pollution.