Moreover, the Ministry’s project will help students to proactively access to the supporting system inside and outside their schools.

The project guides educational and training institutions to organize models to support student business ideas and startup opportunities as well as select typical startup models for publicizing.

Additionally, the Ministry directed schools and departments of Education and Training to build a startup environment so that students can experience their startup projects. Last but not least, schools and departments of education should facilitate students’ startup projects by connecting students and businesses.

The Ministry’s plan includes organizing the fourth contest “Students with startup ideas" in which successful startup projects of students at the 4th National Startup Festival at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education by the end of 2021 will be praised.

The project will also organize training courses on business startup in basic business administration, specializing in implementing the Law on Small and Medium Enterprises Support for students and start-up students.

Moreover, it will coordinate with organizations and businesses to hold conferences and seminars to connect university students with their peers in international universities. More importantly, the project will help high school students to participate in international startup competitions.

The Ministry of Education and Training also coordinates with the Ministry of Planning and Investment and training institutions to complete start-up support centers to help students in the country's three regions.



Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Kim Son

Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Kim Son

President of Vietnam National University, Hanoi Nguyen Kim Son was appointed Minister of Education and Training at the 11th session of the 14th National Assembly.