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The crucial plans ahead in 2023 for Vietnam’s state-owned enterprises

While state-owned enterprises made strong efforts to recover during 2022, more tasks and plans are waiting for them in the path ahead to show their key role in the national economy.

Bidding procedures in healthcare sector are too complex, hospitals face medicine shortage

Experts say it is necessary to change the thinking about public procurement in the healthcare sector and quickly settle problems in regulations and drug bidding procedures.

Merger of ministries and branches for 2021-2026 period is postponed

The 2021-2026 cabinet structure will remain unchanged because the Government believes that it would be better to maintain stability to gather strength on fighting Covid-19.


Vietnam's path to prosperity

The Vietnam 2035 Report, issued by the Government of Vietnam and the World Bank (WB), points out that if Vietnam doesn’t carry out reform, the average income per capita will be no more than $4,500 per annum by 2035.

Without significant reform, development goals will be difficult to reach

Vietnam needs to design proper solutions and policies to reach its development goals. How will the country overcome challenges to realize its development plans?

Ministry implements project to improve students’ awareness of startup

The Ministry of Education and Training has just issued a plan to implement the project "Support for students by 2025 “ which aims to improve students’ awareness of entrepreneurial startup.


Inspections, examinations still worry businesses

The number of inspections and examination tours to businesses taken by management agencies has decreased significantly, but enterprises are still concerned about them.

Quang Ninh - a decade of reform

Quang Ninh ranked top in both PAPI and PCI rankings released last week, marking the northern coastal province’s decisive reform process within a decade.

Four questions sparked Quang Ninh's awakening 10 years ago

A decade ago, the northern province of Quang Ninh faced bottlenecks in infrastructure development. 

Gov't and PM working group reach important milestones after five-year term

The Prime Minister’s working group has made outstanding milestones in the last five years, making a significant contribution to improving the business environment, boosting Vietnam’s prestige in the international area.

Administrative reform sees good progress but weaknesses remain

The government’s 2011-2020 master program on the state administration reform has come to an end.

Two resolutions for reform

The Government has issued Resolutions 01 and 02, showing the spirit of reform and steadfast effort over the years to remove barriers in the business environment, helping people and businesses to thrive.

‘Forest of documents’ drives businesses into a corner

Overlapping laws and contradictory regulations are causing problems for many businesses and individuals.

Some SOEs seek to restore state governing policy

Many state-owned corporations (SOEs) have asked to be put under the management of ministries as they were in the past. The proposal has been described by VCCI chair Vu Tien Loc as a "step back in the reform process".

When reform becomes quiet

While the movement of reducing administrative procedures and simplifying business conditions in 2018 was described as a ‘big wave’, the activities were just ‘small ripples’ in 2019.

Finance ministry acts to improve business climate

The Ministry of Finance plans to hasten tax and customs administrative reforms this year to improve the business climate.

Economic institutional reform still has many shortcomings

Vietnam has gained certain achievements in completing the market mechanism, and adjusting the corresponding role of the State in the economy.

Vietnam needs to use resources more effectively

Vietnam’s resources are scarce and are not being used efficiently, experts say.

Efficient resource utilization may help Vietnam GDP grow 9-10%

The public capital must be allocated based on market principles, said an expert.

Law on Enterprises needs greater reforms

Vietnam must continue to improve on its Law on Enterprises, experts and researchers said at a law conference in Hanoi yesterday.