The MIC launched this platform last week, within the framework of the Vietnam Security Summit. According to Le Cong Phu, Deputy Director of Vietnam Cyber Emergency Response Center (VNCERT/CC), this platform will help organizations and businesses conduct investigations when an attack occurs.

This platform gathers knowledge related to digital forensic science, including handbooks that include experiences in responding to specific attack situations. Data and evidence of cyberattacks are scientifically reproduced based on actual attacks. The MIC will also mobilize businesses, experts, organizations and individuals to contribute knowledge to this platform.

The platform also provides tools related to incident investigation and response activities with detailed instructions, so that specialized officers, as well as the information security community, know how to use the tools when a problem occurs. The platform provides the skills of analyzing and investigating cyber-attacks through current typical attack scenarios, such as exploiting security holes, cryptographic attacks, etc.

Phu said that the heart of the platform are the tools of the system owned by the Information Security Administration, which are also open source products. When agencies, organizations and businesses are attacked, the MIC will support them through this platform.

Nguyen Dang Khoa, Deputy Director of the Information Security Department, said that with this platform, the MIC has set many goals.

The first is to balance the requirements of information security incident response and digital investigation. The second goal is a system that provides a platform and tools for agencies, organizations and businesses to respond to incidents of cyberattacks and conduct digital investigations. 

Le My - Nguyen Hue