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The Ministry of Information and Communications will exert efforts to create a modern and safe national digital infrastructure, and a new space for digital economic growth, and developing e-government towards the building of a digital government.

Tourism websites need to be upgraded

Perhaps digital transformation in tourism should begin with improving tourism websites and enriching their database, especially the official websites of tourism departments.

Vietnam’s digital transformation needs change of awareness

If Vietnamese enterprises want to compete with foreign rivals, they must make their own product eco-system learn and apply smart policies to dominate the market.

Vietnam aims for hospitals with ‘no papers, no queues and no cash payments’

Nguyen Van Kinh, deputy chair of the Vietnam Medical Association (VMA), says that artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data and cloud computing technologies will create big changes in many different fields.

Revenue shortage still troubles development of digital museum

Museums all around the world, including Vietnam, are going digital.

Real estate firms urged to digitize operations

Experts say that digital transformation is a must in the real estate sector. Businesses will be eliminated if they are too slow implementing the process.

Vietnam needs to change approach to digital transformation

Mr. Hoang Quang Phong, Vice President of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), said the Covid-19 pandemic has forced all travel firms to choose digital transformation or death.

First Vietnam Data Summit to take place this month

Vietnam Data Summit 2022, the first of its kind in Vietnam, will be held by the Ho Chi Minh Computer Association (HCA) and Western Digital Vietnam in the southern city on June 24, heard a press conference on June 10.

Vietnam to develop digital addresses by 2025

All households in the country will have digital addresses by 2025.

Digital transformation to equip factory workforce with future-fit skills

The in-factory digitization process not only brings efficiency, innovation and empowerment to businesses, but also helps equip the employees - Unilever’s most valuable asset - with future-fit skills.

Global-standard IT services with CMC Global

Being in the TOP 3 IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam, CMC Global proves its position with outstanding technological products, services, and solutions, helping customers worldwide transform their digital capabilities flexibly and effectively.

Digitizing millions of check-in points, thousands of hotels, restaurants

The tourism digital ecosystem not only offers convenience and helps cut costs, but also enhances travel experience.

Vietnam-Asia DX Summit 2022 opens in Hanoi

The Viet Nam-Asia Digital Transformation (DX) Summit 2022 opened in Ha Noi yesterday, where experts are examining ways to further utilise the...

The results of press privatization

The number of news articles and other articles published in electronic newspapers and magazines have soared recently.

Digital transformation: action and breakthrough results

During the time supply chains were disrupted because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam's wood and furniture industry still maintained its market share and even surpassed rivals to become the largest wood exporter to the US.

Localities to improve effectiveness of online public services

Some localities have reduced service fees and charges, and assigned targets for online document processing in an aim to improve online public services.

Technology investment: good way to increase productivity, reduce labor cost

Increasing productivity must be considered an important basis for calculating wage increases for workers, not just based on the CPI.

AI, Big Data help businesses target neighborhood markets

Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI) are now considered the ‘trump cards’ in business competition.

Robots make 2.6 million calls to patients, identify serious health conditions

AI has played a new role during the Covid-19 pandemic – talking to patients, discovering seriously ill patients, and providing emergency care. As many as 2.6 million such calls were made.

Digital transformation unavoidable, expands business reach

Digital transformation is both a need and an inevitable trend that will help businesses survive and develop in the Industry 4.0 era, experts say.