A mountainous area in Muong Nhe District in the northern upland province of Dien Bien. – Photo: VNA

This is the second quake that has hit Dien Bien over the past week.

The tremor took place at 10:11 a.m. in Muong Nhe District, at a depth of around 12.5 kilometers.

The Earthquake Information and Tsunami Warning Center under the Institute of Geophysics is monitoring the quake, reported the local media.

The most recent quake was reported in this mountainous province on the morning of August 10. The 3.6-magnitude tremor occurred at 3:29 a.m. in Muong Nhe, with the epicenter at a depth of some 12 kilometers.

Previously, a magnitude-3.2 tremor at a depth of around 18 kilometers was felt in the province’s Tua Chua District at 4:53 p.m. on July 17.

Dien Bien and other northwestern provinces are usually shaken by earthquakes.

Nguyen Xuan Anh, head of the institute, said local residents should stay cautious about stronger quakes and pay much heed to earthquake-resistant factors in construction.

Source: SGT