According to Visa, a global leader in digital payments, Vietnamese travelers readily adopt credit, debit, and prepaid cards as convenient payment options. An impressive 92% of Vietnamese respondents said they prefer credit card payments, while 87% said they favor debit card payments when embarking on their journeys.

Around 64% of those surveyed said they carry digital wallets during their travels due to their ease of use, safety features, and widespread acceptance.

Dung Dang, Visa country manager for Vietnam and Laos, said, “We are entering a new era for the travel industry in Vietnam, and the role of digital payments will advance side by side with the industry as customers demand more efficient and secure payment services.”

The GTI 2023 study also found a notable trend in the Vietnamese travel sector: the increasing prominence of Generation Z and families with children as significant contributors to the travel surge.

Families with young children and individuals aged 60 and older were found to be the most frequent leisure travelers. On average, they have two to four trips per year.

Vietnamese travelers are increasingly prioritizing leisure-focused and experiential journeys, with relaxation being the primary motivation for travel (68%), followed by shopping (43%) and exploration or trying new experiences (43%).

In the realm of sustainable travel, 73% of respondents expressed interest in sustainable travel options, with half actively seeking such options when planning their trips.

Source: Saigon Times