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Vietnam is ready for multi-service convergence trend

VietNamNet Bridge - The concept of ‘multi-service convergence’ or ‘integration of multiple services on the same platform’ has become familiar to Vietnamese. Experts have pointed out that service convergence is inevitable. 

What’s behind Doan Nguyen Duc’s trillions-of-dong loss?

VietNamNet Bridge - Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group of Doan Nguyen Duc, an influential businessmen, suffered the first quarterly loss since 2008. Duc also lost VND5 trillion over the last year. 

Farmers fear Chinese chicken will bring misfortune

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese agencies are considering allowing the import of Chinese poultry meat. The inews has been published on the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s (MARD) Department of Animal Health’s website.

High risk of bankruptcy exists for iron & steel manufacturers

VietNamnet Bridge - Iron & steel manufacturers can anticipate a tough year 2016, when low-cost products, especially from China, will flow to Vietnam.

How has Vietnam's richest businesswoman spent their billions of dollars?

VietNamNet Bridge - In 2015 alone, Nguyen Thi Nga, who is believed to be the richest Vietnamese businesswoman, spent billions of dollars on big business affairs.

Barriers still block doors to foreign investors in businesses

VietNamNet Bridge - Decree 60 took effect in September 2015, allowing Vietnamese businesses to lift the ceiling for foreign investors. However, barriers still exist.

Listed companies: high level of capital, slow growth

VietNamNet Bridge - Listed companies’ production and business have resumed, but the predicted bank loan interest rate increases have caused big concerns.

Huge real estate M&A deals made

VietNamNet Bridge - The domestic real estate market has witnessed many joint venture projects and merger & acquisition (M&A) transactions in which the buyers are foreign businesses and investment funds.

2016 digital marketing trends

VietNamNet Bridge - Real estate and cigarette distribution are business fields which seem to have no relation with e-commerce. However, digital marketing is now being seriously considered. 

Public debt exceeds 62 percent of GDP, Vietnam walks tightrope

VietNamNet Bridge - The revenue of the state budget is not big enough to cover expenses, but Vietnam cannot continue borrowing big money.

Vietnam Airlines proposal for new air carrier raises doubts

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) has been asked to thoroughly consider the Vietnam Airlines Corporation’s (VNA) proposal on setting up a new carrier, a proposal criticised by some as not transparent enough.

Vinataba: cigarette smuggling continues

Responding to Sumatra, which has affirmed its rights over JET and Hero cigarette brands, Vinataba said the proof Sumatra used was not sufficient to show ‘use in reality’ of JET and Hero in Vietnam. 

India’s satellite tracking station in Vietnam serves as eye on East Sea

VietNamNet Bridge - Binh Duong, HCM City and Dong Nai are being considered by India to set up a satellite tracking station which would allow Vietnam access to images from Indian earth observation satellites.

China's hard or soft landing: what is the scenario for Vietnam?

VietNamNet Bridge - The soft landing of the Chinese economy would be better for Vietnam than a hard landing, experts say.

Fast food chains’ development has slowed down

VietNamNet Bridge - The closure of many fast food shops in recent days has raised a question if the Vietnamese fast food market has become saturated and no longer attractive.

Foreign capital flow unpredictable

VietNamNet Bridge - Foreign investors have been selling more than buying in the Vietnamese stock market. However, analysts still believe the foreign capital inflow to Vietnam will increase in 2016. 

Are water sources around Tan Rai bauxite plant polluted?

VietNamNet Bridge - The water sources around the red mud reservoir at the Tan Rai bauxite plant in Lam Dong district is polluted, leaving local people lacking clean water shortage.

Limitation on TV channels could make pay-TV unattractive

VietNamNet Bridge - Decree 06 on management, provision and use of radio and television services, which would take effect on March 15, sets up limitations on the number of foreign TV channels on pay-TV.

VND100 capital can yield VND110 profit

VietNamNet Bridge - While thousands of businesses have had to struggle to survive the recession, many businesses have been prospering. With VND100 in capital, they can make VND110 in net profit. 

Businesses willing to stop borrowing in foreign currencies

VietNamNet Bridge - Contrary to predictions, businesses have remain unruffled though they have been told to stop borrowing money in foreign currencies in the second quarter.