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VN basic sciences rank among the top countries in region: Sci-tech Ministry

VietNamNet Bridge  - The Ministry of Science & Technology has reaffirmed the importance of basic sciences amid the community’s decreased interest in the role of the sciences. 

Technology transfer: Vietnam has products and money, but lacks brokers

VietNamNet Bridge - Experts believe that few technology transfer cases have succeeded in Vietnam because of a lack of intermediary organizations.

Testing problems at laboratories hinder fight against unsafe food

VietNamNet Bridge - Two laboratories have offered different conclusions about the same vegetable samples, with one saying the vegetables were safe, while the other saying the toxicity level was 3.5 times higher than the permitted level.

Domestic technologies not attractive to Vietnamese businesses

VietNamNet Bridge - The State budget every year funnels big money into national scientific research projects, but discoveries by scientists seem to have little significance in the eyes of businesses.

Fate of key labs remains unclear

VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Science and Technology (MST) said it would propose to not continue investments in national key laboratories if the current management policy does not change.

Key laboratories decline in quality

VietNamNet Bridge - After 10 years of operation, the nation’s key labs, set up with investment capital of VND1 trillion to work as the ‘iron fists’ of Vietnam’s science and technology, have been degrading dramatically.

Teenager invents machine which converts saltwater into fresh water

VietNamNet Bridge - An eleventh grader in Ben Tre City has successfully created a solar panel-run machine which can convert saltwater into fresh water.

Vinataba denied registration of JET, Hero trademarks

VietNamNet Bridge - Vinataba lost the legal battle to register JET and Hero trademarks. The trademarks still belong to Indonesian Sumatra.

Student's smart helmet helps curb drunk driving

VietNamNet Bridge - A high school student in Hue City who wants to help minimize traffic accidents caused by drunk people has invented a smart helmet. 

India’s satellite tracking station in Vietnam serves as eye on East Sea

VietNamNet Bridge - Binh Duong, HCM City and Dong Nai are being considered by India to set up a satellite tracking station which would allow Vietnam access to images from Indian earth observation satellites.

Students make hemostatic bandages from perilla leaf

VietNamNet Bridge - Perilla leaf extracts has been used by two students from Nhan Viet High School to make bandages to stop bleeding.

VN needs proper policies to attract scientists

The science and technology ministry aims to establish 25 scientific research institutes of international standards by the year 2020.

Foreign investors complain about new regulation on used machine imports

The Ministry of Science and Technology’s (MST) Circular 23 on the required quality of used machine imports, which aims to encourage businesses to renovate technologies, turns out to be a barrier to production.

Experts, businesses argue about Chinese used technology imports

VietNamNet Bridge - Although the Ministry of Science and Technology (MST) has released Circular 23 on used equipment to be imported to Vietnam, it still cannot put an end to the prolonged debate on the issue.

The power of technology

VietNamNet Bridge - When technologies change, policies must change, as in the case of GrabTaxi, many Vietnamese policy makers have said. 

MST vows to prevent rubbish technology with new regulation

Circular 20 with strict requirements on the quality and usage time of used equipment, which faced strong opposition from the business circle, has been replaced with a new Circular 23. However, many questions are still pending.

Venture funds hesitate to enter Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Venture funds have been very active in ASEAN countries, but not in Vietnam, despite the need for capital from Vietnamese technology startups.

Use of scientists’ inventions partly depends on chance

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese scientists not only need to have talent, but also luck to have their scientific ideas developed. If they are not lucky, their inventions are often never used or commercialized. 

Young PhD gets go-ahead for his project from the Prime Minister

VietNamNet Bridge - The Prime Minister listened to the young PhD’s attentively, raised some questions and decided to fund a project on making guiding glasses for the blind after a three-minute dialogue.

Vietnam dreams of its own Silicon Valley

VietNamNet Bridge - Hanoi, HCM City, Da Lat and Da Nang are all believed to have natural and human conditions to become the Silicon Valleys of Vietnam.