Damaged houses and road in Thanh Hoa




According to the locals in Thuong Village, Vinh Yen Commune, they have heard the first sound of an explosion from under the road and 19 houses have been affected in early June. Then on September 1, Vinh Yen Commune People's Committee also reported that at 2 am, another explosion could be heard at Cluster 3 and the road cracked afterwards.

There are also reports about aftershocks in the ground at 3 pm on June 21 in the same area. The residents living nearby can clearly felt the quake. Cracks appeared on the road as well as residential houses.

Thanh Hoa Department of Natural Resources and Environment said they have worked with other agencies to inspect the case. They noticed that the underground water level in this area dropped in the past two years so wells dried up.

Since the underground explosion and cracks are not widespread but local incidents, the occurrence of a major geological event is not possible. However, this is an unusual event that has badly affected the residents and needs to be dealt with quickly.

Nguyen Duc Quyen, vice chairman of Thanh Hoa People's Committee, has asked Vinh Loc District to publicise the information and the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to monitor and investigate the case.

The locals and authorities in Vinh Yen Commune urged the higher authorities to quickly find the cause of the explosions to ensure the safety of local residents.

Tien Phong/Dtinews