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Narayana Murthy of India's Infosys (Photo: FPT).

On May 20, the founder of Infosys, one of the top 3 IT service firms in the world with capitalization of $70 billion, arrived in Vietnam for a business trip.

With the arrangement made by Vietnamese firm FPT, one of the top 50 Asian IT service firms, Narayana Murthy met IT firms’ managers and leaders of government. The event strengthened the relationship between Indian and Vietnamese IT firms, as well as Vietnam’s position on the world’s technology map.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Bui Hoang Phuong said at the meeting that the government has promulgated policies to promote innovation activities and encourage the development of concentrated industrial zones. 

The government also has a strategy on developing new technologies such as AI. It is expected that a strategy on supporting the development of the semiconductor industry in Vietnam and a law on digital technology industry will be promulgated.

Phuong expressed hope that Narayana Murthy can act as a bridge to connect Vietnamese and Indian businesses in ICT cooperation and development.

Speaking at the meeting with Vietnamese technology firms, Narayana Murthy shared his experiences in business, administration, and company culture that had helped him and his co-workers turn Infosys into a legend of the Indian IT industry.

He discussed the promotion of innovation in businesses, the development of new technology trends, and opportunities for Vietnam’s IT industry.

At a dialogue between the Indian billionaire and the Vietnamese IT community, Narayana Murthy affirmed that Vietnam has recently emerged as a global technology destination, reflecting the country's commitments and investments. 

He hailed the courage, hard work, discipline, creativity and ambition of many Vietnamese generations. In the next 20 years, Vietnam will become one of Asia's leading developed countries and one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Vietnam’s GDP per capita has reached $4,300, and he believes that the figure will grow more rapidly than most other countries.

Appreciating FPT’s achievements, he said FPT had revenue of $1 billion from IT services provided in foreign markets in 2023, and Infosys had obtained the achievement after a similar period. Therefore, he believes the threshold of $2 billion will be reached by FPT earlier.

FPT president Truong Gia Binh said India and Infosys inspired FPT when FPT’s managers came to India to learn how to turn Vietnam into a software powerhouse. FPT believes that Vietnam is a special country and can develop software for the world’s use.

Thai Khang