new policies in vietnam

Update news new policies in vietnam

Key policies take effect from October 2021

A string of fresh policies on subsidies for employees and employers affected by COVID-19, assistance for SMEs, tuition fee cuts for students shall come into effect from October 2021.

Policies take effect from July

A string of fresh policies on residence, social support for social protection beneficiaries, prevention and control of HIV/AIDS come into effect from July.

Several fresh policies to take effect in November

A series of new policies on meals for kids in preschools, pedagogy students, teachers will take effect in November, 2020.

Fresh policies take effect in Vietnam since May 2019

A series of policies on false denunciations, new emission standards for second-hand vehicle imports, Labor Code on licensing outsourcing services shall take effect from May 2019.


Three key policies taking effect in mid-April in Vietnam

Regulations on the subjects of import tariff quotas, amendments to support levels for trade promotion activities, and notices to be submitted to government authorities on the organization of exhibitions will all take effect from mid-April.