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Although the process of making Sa Nam banh duc (plain rice cake) is quite difficult, the cake has been a popular activity among the people of Nghe An Province for decades and has become a long-lasting tradition handed down by ancestors.

Visiting Nghe An to enjoy lemongrass and chilli snails

Nghe An is not only well known for its eel dishes but also different types of fried snails that, with a pungent taste and delicious characteristics of citronella, are impossible to forget. 

Cured veal an intricate speciality of Nghe An

Nghe An Province is not only well known nationwide for its eel soup but also giò bê (cured veal meat) which is a must-have for big anniversaries such as weddings or Tet (Lunar New Year) parties.

Nghe An’s 'banh muot' goes down a treat with pig’s tripe

Apart from specialities such as Vinh oranges and eel vermicelli soup, Nghe An Province is also famous for its bánh mướt (rice roll) cake thanks to its unique flavour.