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Nghe Rock, the ideal place to catch the first rays of sun in Da Nang

A trip to Nghê Rock, the first place in Da Nang to receive the rays of the morning sun, is an exciting experience for any visitor to the coastal city, dubbed the most liveable in Vietnam.

Different views of Da Nang from Son Tra Peninsular
Son Tra Peninsula - gift of The Creator

Nghê Rock on Son Tra Peninsula is the first place to Da Nang to receive the sun's light each day. — Photo


Hidden among the rough rocks is a natural swimming pool with crystal-clear water, perfect for a dip while contemplating the stunning structures carved by nature.

Together with Mo Dieu and Co Ngua Mountains, Nghê Rock used to be a mountain forming present-day Son Tra Peninsula, famous for its amazing views of the sea.

According to locals, the name of the rock comes from its shape, which looks like a Nghê (a mythological lion in Vietnamese culture) with its head towards the rock mountain and its body towards the sea.
To reach the untouched and mysterious Nghê Rock, travellers can follow Nguyen Tat Thanh Street in Da Nang and then cross Thuan Phuoc Bridge to reach Son Tra Peninsula. It is located around 10km from the city so it is easiest to get there by motorbike.


The rock got its name because it is shaped like a Nghê creature, a mythological lion in Vietnamese culture. — Photo nguyenn.anhtuan instagram


In order to catch the first rays of sun on Nghê Rock, travellers can erect camps and spend the night on the vast open land nearby. It's the perfect chance to enjoy a delicious barbecue, chat by the fire and enjoy the starry night sky while hearing the waves crash against the rocks.

Those who do not fancy camping by the sea had better travel to the rock early in the morning when it is still misty too dark to see the surrounding landscapes clearly.

As the sun gradually rises, the shape of the mighty rock lion starts to get clearer above the transparent and peaceful water, creating an impressive view.

After a long sleep, the night dew disappears and the forest, sea and mountains surrounding Nghê Rock seem to be unveiled from their thin misty curtain to welcome a glorious new day. The water no longer looks deep and mysterious, but becomes suddenly sparkling under the dancing sunlight.


 A visitor swims in the natural lake by Nghê Rock. — Photo ptthuyduong instagram


Anyone who has the chance to witness such a stunning view of nature will surely never forget it.

One of the most popular places nearby must be the crystal green lake. Surrounded by rock walls, the lake looks like a natural swimming pool amidst the sea. According to locals, the vibrant colour of the lake water is due to its special location and the waves of seawater that constantly refresh it.

The rocks also make it a perfect place to go swimming after a leisurely swim. With its abundant ocean life, it's hard for even an amateur fisherman to leave Nghê Rock empty-handed.

The water around the famed rock is also ideal for anyone interested in diving and exploring the seabed, which is home to colourful coral reefs and various sea creatures.


Visitors can easily catch fish in the water by the rock. — VNA/VNS Photo Hoai Nam


As evening approaches, stronger the waves lap against the rocks and rows of colourful fishing boats head for the open sea to start their working day. Visitors can try being a local fisherman a day by boarding one of these boats to catch fresh seafood themselves.

Because Nghê Rock is in an isolated place and there is no rescue team nearby, visitors should bring along life buoys or life jackets for their own safety.

By Phuong Ha