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‘New normal' is to open for business

Continuing his talk with VietNamNet, Dr. Nguyen Duc Kien, Head of Economic Advisory Group to the Prime Minister, said that the "new normal" is to open for businesses and workforce as the people have been in harsh conditions.

‘We’ll lose another tourist season if we don’t change”

In recent talks with VietNamNet, Dr. Nguyen Duc Kien - Head of Economic Advisory Group to the Prime Minister - said the pandemic battle and mass media communications have to be adjusted to support economic development.

Vietnam needs to change COVID-19 prevention policies as vaccines roll out: expert

In an interview with VietNamNet, Dr. Nguyen Duc Kien, Head of PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc's Economic Advisory Council, provides recommendations Vietnam needs to consider in preventing and controlling Covid-19 as vaccinations are being expanded.

AI drives urban management future

The fast growth of Vietnam’s economy has seen an increase of the urban population, posing significant challenges to the country’s major cities, particularly in terms of transport and urban planning management.

The bankers who were arrested or prosecuted in 2016

VietNamNet Bridge - The list of bankers who met with misfortune in 2016 includes many well-known names.

State-owned corporation bosses travel abroad to avoid responsibilities

VietNamNet Bridge - Many managers of state-owned corporations have gone abroad recently for health care or training courses. Some of them have lost contact with their enterprises. 

How is the once ‘powerful trio’ of banks doing now?

VietNamNet Bridge - ACB, Sacombank and Eximbank, the three most influential banks in the south, like MB and Techcombank in the north, are encountering serious difficulties.

How are the tycoons in mogul Kien’s bank case faring?

VietNamNet Bridge - Three years have elapsed since the day Kien and many other bankers were charged with swindling. Some of them have fulfilled their judgment execution and returned to business. However, there still exist unsettled debts.

Many "outstanding entrepreneurs" sentenced to jail

VietNamNet Bridge - Many businessmen honored as ‘outstanding businessmen’ or ‘outstanding young faces’ have been sentenced to jail because of their offenses.

Former banking tycoon's 30-yr jail sentence upheld

 The 30-year jail term awarded six months ago to Nguyen Duc Kien, former Vice Chairman of the Asia Commercial Bank (ACB) Founding Council, was upheld by the Ha Noi Court of Appeals yesterday.

Appellate court reviews former ACB leaders’ verdicts

 The court of appeals of the People’s Supreme Court started reviewing the appeals submitted by Nguyen Duc Kien, former vice chairman of the founding council of the Asia Commercial Bank (ACB), and other ACB former executives, in Hanoi on November 28.

Hanoi court suggests 30-year jail sentence for disgraced banker

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Hanoi People’s Procuracy on May 27 proposed imposing a 30-year jail charge on one of Vietnam’s top banking tycoons, Nguyen Duc Kien, for his role in a multi-million dollar scandal uncovered last year.

Nguyen Duc Kien denies charges as trial enters second day

 Nguyen Duc Kien denied the charges of fraudulent appropriation of property and conducting illegal business on the second day of his trial on May 21.

Trial resumes for former ACB boss and accomplices

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Hanoi People’s Court resumed the trial of Nguyen Duc Kien, a former vice chairman and founding member of Asia Commercial Bank (ACB), and his accomplices on May 20 after more than a month’s delay.

Lawyers want VietinBank execs to show up at Kien’s trial

  Defense attorneys have suggested summoning some leaders of Vietnam Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade (VietinBank) to the hearing of a case against Nguyen Duc Kien, former vice chairman of Asia Commercial Bank (ACB), which resumes today.

Trial of alleged ACB swindler postponed

 The Hanoi People’s Court on April 16 afternoon decided to postpone the trial of Nguyen Duc Kien, former Vice Chairman of the founding council of the Asia Commercial Bank, because one of his alleged eight accomplices was absent due to poor health.

ACB swindler Kien faces life in prison

VietNamNet Bridge – The Supreme People’s Procuracy has laid charges against nine executives from Asia Commercial Bank for their alleged involvement in an enormous financial scandal.


Two more officials from Asia Bank face prosecution

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Supreme People's Procuracy has recently prosecuted two more former officials of the Asia Commercial Bank (ACB) for allegedly violating banking regulations.

Social News Headlines 13/2

 Sand clogs Binh Dinh seaport; National Highway car crash injures 11; Two national border urban areas planned for Tay Ninh; A/H5N1 flu hits Quang Nam province; Central fishermen harvest young lobsters

Vietnamese financier faces life sentence

 VietNamNet Bridge – Nguyen Duc Kien, one of Vietnam's most powerful financial figures, may face life sentence for violating state regulations on economic management.