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French auction house Millon has agreed to hand over a gold seal of Vietnamese King Ming Mang in the 19th century to Vietnam instead of being put up for auction.

Auction for Vietnamese king’s gold seal further postponed in France

French auction house Millon has decided to defer the auction of Nguyen Dynasty King Minh Mang's 10.78-kg gold seal to November 18 noon due to “the strong interest of the Vietnamese State”.

Thua Thien-Hue suggests calling for social contributions to bring King's seal home

In its official letter No. 11735 to the Prime Minister, the People's Committee in the Central Province of Thua Thien - Hue proposed calling for social contributions to bring the King's seal home.

Vietnamese Emperor’s gold bowl fetches US$672,000 at auction

The gold bowl of Emperor Khau Dinh (1885-1925) has been sold for €680,000 (US$676,000) at auction by Million in Paris.

Authorities working to recover imperial seal to be auctioned in France

The Vietnamese authorities are looking for possibilities and taking necessary measures to repatriate the imperial golden seal of the Nguyen Dynasty that has set to be auctioned soon by a Paris-based action house.

Millon postpones auction of historical Vietnamese royal seal

French auction house Millon has rearranged the sale of King Minh Mang of the Nguyen Dynasty's gold seal for an auction set to take place on November 11 following an intervention by relevant Vietnamese agencies.

VN determined to bring back imperial golden seal home

The Department of Cultural Heritage said that Vietnam is determined to bring back the rare and valuable imperial golden seal of the Nguyen Dynasty's Emperor Minh Mang home by mobilizing all resources.

Over 300 antiques, artworks go under hammer in France

French auction house Millon on October 31 placed over 300 artefacts and artworks originated from or related to Vietnam under the hammer.

Descendants of Nguyen Dynasty object to auction of Emperor’s gold seal

The council of Nguyen Phuc’s royal family in Vietnam has written to auction house Millon in France requesting it to cease the auction of a gold seal, also known as the Bao Dai Emperor’s Treasury, and the gold bowl of the Khai Dinh Emperor.

Ministry urges verification of Nguyen Dynasty antiques to be auctioned in France

The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism has asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to direct the Vietnamese Embassy in France to verify information related to two Nguyen Dynasty antiques which is about to be auctioned in France.

Ho Quyen arena relic: Vietnam's 'Roman Colosseum'

The Ho Quyen arena relic in the former royal capital of Hue is well-known for its unique architecture and stories about battles between elephants and tigers.

Two Nguyen Dynasty artifacts set for return to Vietnam

Two Nguyen Dynasty artifacts dating back to the 19th century - a mandarin hat and a dress - are on their way back to Vietnam after being sold to an anonymous Vietnamese collector at an auction in Barcelona, Spain.

New national treasures: King Minh Mang's roughly 9kg gold seal

In 1945, the Nguyen Dynasty gave King Minh Mang’s priceless golden seal (aka Imperial Seal Ton Than chi bao) to the Government.

King Gia Long’s Mausoleum: the tomb of the first emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty

The mausoleum of King Gia Long is the tomb complex of the first king and founder of the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945).

Nguyen Dynasty mandarin hat fetches 600,000 Euros at Spanish auction

A Vietnamese mandarin hat said to be from the Nguyen Dynasty has sold for 600,000 euros (about VND15.6 billion) at an auction in Barcelona, Spain.

Women’s clothing from the Nguyen Dynasty revived in chibi-style paintings

An art project featuring typical women’s costumes during the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945) was created during the social distancing period by Nguyen Quoc Tri, a.k.a Kris Nguyen, an illustrator in Binh Thanh District in HCM City.

Newly issued stamps to feature several national treasures

A collection of four stamps showcasing a range of national treasures are set to be issued on July 31 by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

The 'treasure of treasures' of the Nguyen Dynasty

Royal seals (kim ngoc bao ty) of the Nguyen Dynasty were considered 'treasures of treasures'. Experiencing many ups and downs, most of them have been well preserved.

The precious sword and seal of the Nguyen Dynasty

After abdicating, Emperor Bao Dai handed over his sword and seal, which symbolize the power of the dynasty, to the revolutionary government. 

Nguyen Dynasty’s treasured rickshaw returned to VN after competitive auction

The rickshaw that Emperor Thanh Thai gave his mother was transported to Vietnam by air in 2015 after more than 100 years staying in France.