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Paintings by artists Nguyen Gia Tri, Tran Van Can, and Nguyen Sang have been officially recognised as national treasures. 

Lacquer masterpiece damaged by improper cleaning: experts

A lacquer painting by master Painter Nguyen Gia Tri (1908-1993) – known as a national treasure – was damaged by improper cleaning carried out by a lacquer painter.

VN artworks on display at National Gallery Singapore's special exhibition

 National Gallery Singapore today launched its first international special exhibition, Reframing Modernism, co-curated and co-presented with Centre Pompidou, Paris.

French diplomat restores fading artwork

 VietNamNet Bridge – When the new French Consul General in HCM City, Fabrice Mauries, took office in April 2011, the lacquer painting Dam Ruoc by one of Viet Nam's noted artists was gracing the wall of the consulate reception room.

Nguyen Gia Tri's paintings proposed to be national treasure

 VietNamNet Bridge - That's the lacquer paintings in the form of a screen, with two paintings on two sides: “Landscape” in the front and “Maidens in the garden” in the back side, by well-known painter Nguyen Gia Tri.

Museum marks anniversary of painter Nguyen Gia Tri's death

 The HCM City Fine Arts Museum is hosting a permanent exhibition showcasing sketches by Nguyen Gia Tri, a pioneer in the art of lacquer painting in Viet Nam, to mark the 20th anniversary of his death.