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BKAV CEO calls for capital from Bfans

BKAV’s CEO Nguyen Tu Quang is inviting fans of BPhone, a flagship product of the group, to invest in the group, promising a high interest rate of 10 percent and money equal to the principal.

BKAV develops new form of Covid-19 test, uses sodium chloride solution

CEO Nguyen Tu Quang of BKAV Group said that the company has developed a Covid-19 test that only requires a person to gargle with salt water (sodium chloride 0.9% solution).

How much do Vietnamese businesspeople spend on their 'passions'?

Doan Nguyen Duc, chair of Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group, and Nguyen Tu Quang, CEO of BKAV Corporation, each have spent VND100 billion a year over the last two decades on their respective passions.

BKAV’s CEO: BPhone is being 'attacked' by foreign brands

Nguyen Tu Quang, CEO of Bach Khoa Corporation (BKAV), the manufacturer of BPhone, said BPhone is being attacked by ‘people who receive money from foreign brands’.

Bkav announces its ventilators

Bkav Technology Group on Monday revealed a ventilator designed by Bkav and doctors at the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases.


Latest versions of Made-in-Vietnam Bphone launched

Bkav Technology Group officially launched their latest series of Bphones in Hanoi on May 10, including the Bphone B40, B60, B86, and B86s models, the latest high-end smartphones which have been locally produced by the company.

Vietnam needs 15 years to become a powerful country: BKAV CEO

VietNamNet Bridge - After in-depth study of philosophy and space science, CEO Nguyen Tu Quang says he has found the key for Vietnam to become a powerful country after 15 years.

BPhone 3 – the smartphone model made in Vietnam

Contrary to all predictions, BPhone 3, or the third generation of BPhone, a made-in-Vietnam product of BKAV Corporation, has been praised by domestic experts, who criticized BPhone and BPhone 2.

Nguyen Tu Quang bets on BPhone

Nguyen Tu Quang and BPhone were the the two names most often mentioned in the Vietnamese technology community in 2015. 

BKAV launches Vietnam's first high-end smartphone

 VietNamNet Bridge – BKAV – Vietnam’s leading network security firm – launched its first smartphone Bphone on May 26, after many advertising campaigns.