BKAV CEO Nguyen Tu Quang

Information is spreading on social networks that BKAV is calling for capital from Bfans to run the production expansion program. The news came from a post by Nguyen Tu Quang, CEO of BKAV on BPhone Fans Club (BFC). This is the rendezvous point for the community of people who love BPhone products on Facebook.

According to Quang, BKAV has developed two categories of products from BPhone, including AI View camera and BHS (hardware solution). In order to grasp opportunities, the group plans to split the divisions into independent companies.

At present, BKAV runs a program on mobilizing capital from workers of the group. After realizing that many Bfans also are willing to invest under the program, BKAV has decided to apply the program to Bfans, who have understanding about the work and targets BKAV is pursuing.

The investments will be implemented under a business cooperation contract, and the major participants are those who have been members of BPhone Fans Club for more than one year. 

The investment norm set by BKAV is VND100 million. The group commits to pay an interest rate of 10 percent per annum and the interest will be paid monthly, before the 10th day of the next month. After three years, investors will get back the principal and money equal to the principal as well.

For example, Bfan spends VND100 million to cooperate with BKAV to do business, they will receive VND100 million in principal after three years, VND100 million which is equal to the principal, and VND30 million in interest, totaling VND230 million.

BKAV’s media executive has confirmed a plan to invite Bfans to invest in the group, saying that the capital raised would be used to expand new business fields of the group.

In 2021, BKAV Pro, a subsidiary of BKAV, specializing in producing anti-virus products, raised funds through a bond issuance of VND170 billion.

The media executive told VietNamNet that the invitation for a business cooperation contract is different from the bond issuance. 

The bond issuance campaign in 2021 was only reserved for professional investors. The invitation this year targets the community of users who have confidence in BKAV and BPhone.

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Trong Dat