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40 hotels in Nha Trang to face penalties for violating construction regulations

Nearly 40 hotels in Nha Trang city in the south-central province of Khánh Hóa are facing strict penalties for violating construction regulations.

Nha Trang Sea Festival scheduled for June 2024

The 2024 Nha Trang Sea Festival in the southcentral province of Khanh Hoa will take place next year from June 27 to June 30, with the occasion boasting a wide range of activities, organisers said at a press conference held on October 3.

Nha Trang proposes resuming tourism diving services

The Nha Trang Bay Management Board has just proposed resuming tourism diving services around the Hon Mun Marine Protected Area after over a year of suspension.

Luxury cruise ship brings 3,000 foreign visitors to Nha Trang

Spectrum of the Seas, a ship among the world's top 10 most luxurious cruise liners, arrived at Nha Trang Bay in the southcentral coastal province of Khanh Hoa on August 2, carrying 3,000 foreign visitors onboard.

Nha Trang bans pets from beaches

Authorities in Nha Trang City have issued a ban on pets at the city’s beaches, including walking them at seaside parks or allowing them to swim in the sea.

TV director dies in accident at Nha Trang Sea Festival

A director of the Khanh Hoa Television Station was reported dead after falling off a scaffold while inspecting the grandstands of the Nha Trang Sea Festival 2023 on May 29.

Nha Trang Sea Festival to get underway in June

More than 60 events are set to take place throughout the 2023 Nha Trang Sea Festival which is scheduled for June 3 to June 6, according to information given by the Khanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee.

Dog that attacked British tourist in Nha Trang put down

Veterinarian officials put the dog down after the attack that hospitalised 18-year-old Staker Zachary Paul last Sunday.

Nha Trang sets up teams to catch stray dogs after attack

The move followed a dog attack reported in the city on Monday. A white Alabai dog weighing 20kg attacked a foreign tourist, biting his arms and causing serious injuries.

Nha Trang: Foreign tourist hospitalised after dog attack

Nha Trang City’s authorities have launched an investigation after a dog attacked foreign tourists in the city, leaving one of them with serious injuries.

Ministry demands urgent investigation into fatal school food poisoning

The Ministry of Education and Training has vowed to strictly deal with the food poisoning that has left one dead and hundreds of other hospitalised at a school in Nha Trang City.

Man collects litter on seabed to protect marine life

A Nha Trang man, who was upset that waste had been the main factor in the death of many sea animals, has been picking up garbage on the ocean floor for 20 years, and hopes his actions can inspire others.

Dive tourism suspension planned to protect coral reefs in Nha Trang Bay

The central province of Khanh Hoa is planning to suspend dive tourism activities in vulnerable coral reef areas in Nha Trang Bay in the face of reef degradation there.

Corals die en masse under the sea of Hon Mun

Hundreds of square meters of rare coral on the seabed of Hon Mun in Nha Trang Bay (Khanh Hoa province) have died with no known cause.

Nemo clownfish successfully bred in Nha Trang

Scientists at Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography said they have successfully bred Nemo clownfish for the first time.

Foreign visitors flock to Nha Trang as tourism recovers from pandemic

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