Noi Bai seeks ways to avoid overcrowd amid surging international passengers ảnh 1

Passengers enter Vietnam at international terminal T2 of Noi Bai International Airport.

Noi Bai International Airport will put in place measures to limit people coming to greet or see off their relatives at the airport to avoid overcrowding as the number of international passengers has increased.

Recently, the airport has received as many as 186 international flights on a peak day with a total of 27,000 passengers, a representative of the airport said.

Flights to and from Asian destinations posted the most number of passengers with 3,500 people arriving from or leaving for, South Korea daily, followed by Taiwan (3,300) and Thailand (3,100).

As China continues to loosen its Covid-19 restrictions, the number of passengers from China and territories will likely to increase in the near future, according to the airport.

The airport will limit the number of people coming to greet or see off their relatives to reduce the load, facilitating travel of passengers.

Given the increasing number of passengers, it is recommended that international flight passengers arrive in the airport three hours before the departure time to do check-in procedures to avoid traffic congestion on the way to the airport or jams in the airport during the peak hours.

They are also advised to download and use iNIA in their mobile devices to get updated of flights and its departure time as well as location of the gates and any changes of the flights.

For those who need to transit between domestically terminal T1 and international terminal T2, they can use free shuttle buses which are available every 15 minutes during the day time and every 30 minutes at night. The bus stops are located in Lobby A of terminal T1 and Columns 16-18 of terminal T2.

The annual volume of passengers and cargo through Nội Bài airport increased by 10 per cent on average. It handled some 29 million in 2019, exceeding the current designed capacity of 25 million.

The terminal T1 covering 115,000sq.m, handles domestic flights with a capacity of 15 million per year while terminal T2, covering over 139,200sq.m, is for international flights with a capacity of 10 million per year.

Source: SGGP