Several northern areas are expected to endure drizzly conditions starting from the evening of January 11, with temperatures then dropping to between 13 degrees and 15 degrees Celsius.

It is likely that a number of mountainous areas will potentially be the worst hit by the fall in temperature, with some places experiencing a drop to 10 degrees Celsius.

Mountainous regions such as Lao Cai, Yen Bai, and Ha Giang have been urged to brace for the impact of potentially deadly landslides, whilst local authorities have been urged to take measures ahead of time in a bid to aid residents and prevent any significant damage to people, property, and infrastructure.

The cold snap is also expected to directly affect Hanoi, with wet weather anticipated to hit the capital from January 11 to January 12 alongside a drop in temperature to 15 degrees Celsius.

The coming week is expected to remain warm however, with conditions forecast to be less rainy and temperatures set to enjoy an increase to between 22 degrees and 29 degrees Celsius across the north.

Although fog will hit the capital early in the morning with some light rain in places, Hanoi will be sunny by noon before temperatures drop at night with temperatures ranging from 19 degrees to 21 degrees Celsius at night and between 24 degrees and 27 degrees Celsius during the daytime. VOV