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Cattle freeze to death in Vietnam’s worst cold spell in 40 years

Rains and the bitter cold weather in the North since February 19 have left over 1,000 cattle dead. The cold spell in late February 2022 is just one of six years with very low temperatures. 

Cold spell to cause temperatures to drop as the north faces frosty conditions

A strong cold spell is forecast to hit the country's northern and north-central regions starting from February 13, bringing with it spells of rain, frost, and a drop in temperatures to below six degrees Celsius in some mountainous areas.

Another strong cold spell chills Hanoi and northern Vietnam

Hanoi residents are advised to keep warm to protect their health in the chilly cold weather.

Strong cold spell causes damage to north, north central regions

A strong cold spell hit the north and north central provinces from the evening of January 7-11, affecting local lives and production.

Northern mountain covered with ice as temperature drops to -9°C

As temperature at the top of Phia Oac mountain in Thanh Cong commune, Nguyen Binh district, the northern mountainous province of Cao Bang dropped down to -9 degrees Celsius on the morning of January 8, tree branches and ground were covered with ice.

Mau Son covered in snow as temperatures fall to minus 1°C

The Mau Son mountain area in Lang Son Province is being blanketed by snow and ice as the temperature has dropped to minus 1 degrees centigrade.

New cold spell to hit northern and central regions

A new strong cold spell will begin affecting the northern and central regions from January 7-12, with snow and frost forecat to appear in northern mountainous provinces, according to the National Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting.

Strong cold spell expected ahead of New Year holiday

People in northern Vietnam will brace themselves for a very strong cold spell which is currently moving southward and is forecast to strike the region on December 29.

Another strong cold forecasted to hit northern Vietnam

The northern region would face another strong cold wave next week, according to the National Centre for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting.


Hanoians bundle up as capital endures first cold period of the winter

The first cold spell of the winter has forced the residents of Hanoi to wrap up in an extra layer of clothing in an effort to stay warm amid the arrival of chilly weather conditions.

Northern Vietnam to brace for a strong cold spell next week

Northern provinces of Vietnam are poised to face a cold spell between November 23 and 25, bringing with it plenty of fog coupled with falling temperatures.

Vietnam set to endure extremely cold spells in early 2021

Vietnam is likely to be hit by prolonged spells of cold weather in January and February of 2021, with temperatures expected to drop below previous years’ average levels.

Northern and central regions braced for cold spell starting from early March

Regions located in the north of the country are forecast to be hit by a fierce cold snap which is set to begin from March 2, according to the National Centre for Hydro-meteorology Forecasting.

Northern region braced for incoming cold spell

Areas throughout the north of the country, including the capital Hanoi, are bracing themselves for a cold snap which is forecast to arrive from January 11, according to forecasts made by the National Centre for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting.

Cold spell to hit northern region during New Year

A cold spell is expected to hit the northern region at the start of the new year, bringing rain and lowering temperatures.

Cold snap sees temperatures drop nationwide

A cold spell currently covering the whole country looks set to last for one week, causing plenty of challenges in the daily lives of local people, according to the National Center for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting.

Cold spell to bring rain to northern Vietnam

 VietNamNet Bridge – The National Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting (NCHMF) said that a cold spell is forecast to hit northern Vietnam starting on Wednesday.

Post cold-spell efforts urged at recovering livestock numbers in North VN

 The Husbandry Department has instructed cities and provinces affected by the frosty cold over the past few days to take all necessary measures to ease the damage caused by the severe weather to the animal breeding sector.

Photos: Cold spell takes heavy toll on northern Vietnam

 A severe cold spell that hit Vietnam during the last few days has taken its toll on the northern region with more than 3,900 livestock animals killed and a widespread area of crops damaged so far.

Snowfall again in Sapa

 VietNamNet Bridge – Snow began falling from the Hoang Lien peak to O Quy Ho Pass and spilling down to the town of Sapa today morning, February 19. Snow on O Quy Ho Pass is thickest at about 5-7cm.