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Developers can ride funding waves

Competitive prices, along with advantages in climate and natural resources, are helping Vietnamese second home and holiday properties become one of the hottest investment channels in the country.

Urban townhouses: a bright investment channel

Townwhouses appear a promising investment channel with fairly good yield rates, especially as liquidity will improve in the real estate market.

Real estate market scenario for 2020: capital flows continue to suburban eco-cities

With their massive land funds and ample investment inflows for transport infrastructure development, the suburban cities surrounding Ho Chi Minh City are projected to become the next hotspot for investors and buyers.

HCM City real estate developers request help to resume projects

Many real estate developers in Ho Chi Minh City are facing stagnation in hundreds of projects due to insufficient legal paperwork.

HCM City property market a magnet for foreign investors

The Ho Chi Minh City property sector has in recent years attracted billions of dollars worth of foreign investment due to its growth potential, real estate consulting companies have said.

Vietnam to see new FDI trend in real estate

Investment in real estate sector through capital contribution would avoid risks that might cause to new comers who know little about the market and law.

Vietnam real estate firms issue bonds to raise capital

As the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has ordered tight control over real estate loans by credit institutions, property firms and developers have to seek alternative ways to raise their capital.

The biggest M&A deals in Vietnam in 2017

The biggest M&A deals were in a variety of business fields, especially the real estate and banking sectors.

Many hidden billionaires now out of the closet

VietNamNet Bridge - The owners of large conglomerates such as Novaland, Hoang Huy and Vietjet Air have left the rank of ‘hidden billionaires’ to join the force of recognized stock billionaires.