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As many as 5,000 old vehicles will be put through emission tests by the end of next year as part of a campaign to improve air quality in the capital city. 

Environment Ministry urges local authorities to recall old polluting vehicles

The state needs to set up reasonable policies to join forces with manufacturers to recall old polluting vehicles, experts say.

Old vehicles in HCMC to be removed to address air pollution

HCMC is mapping out a plan to control vehicle emissions on a trial basis from January 2020, aiming to terminate old transport vehicles to reduce air pollution in the city.


Old vehicles billowing out excess exhaust

 VietNamNet Bridge – Exhaust fumes from old vehicles, especially motorbikes, are exceeding the permitted levels and polluting the environment around major cities, including Hanoi.

Hanoi's drive to remove old vehicles off streets faces social barriers

VietNamNet Bridge - Problems related to people's daily lives, legal loopholes and bad management all will make it difficult to implement the plan to recall old substandard vehicles.