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The HCM City People's Committee has added 44 old villas to the conservation list for their historical and cultural importance.

Hanoi restores old French-period villa

Authorities in Hanoi have decided to restore an old French villa at 49 Tran Hung Dao Street.

HCM City adds more pre-1975 villas to preservation list

The HCM City's People Committee has added 35 old villas in the city to the list of ancient villas that need to be preserved.

HCM City seeks to balance economics, conservation for old villas

As HCMC adds 35 more old villas to its index, experts believe the economic gains of villa owners should also be considered for sustainable villa conservation in the long run.

Hanoi stops renovation and repair of old villas

Villas and architectural works built before 1954 in Hanoi will not be licensed for renovation and repair in the near future.


HCM City looks to boost heritage conservation

More measures to preserve heritage and urban architectural landscapes, including historic structures, in HCM City are needed, experts have said.

HCM City permits repairs of old villas

 VietNamNet Bridge – The HCM City People's Committee has agreed to the Department of Planning and Architecture's proposal to remove 29 old villas from a conservation list and issue construction permits that would allow owners to repair

Headquarters of ministries in Hanoi to be preserved as a relic

 VietNamNet Bridge - The Hanoi People's Council has ratified a list of construction works for preservation, including old streets, traditional craft villages, the works built before 1954 and intangible cultural heritage in the city.