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Vietnamese doctors had to spend 10 hours to transplant the lung of a brain-dead man into the thorax of another man, and then spent many months to maintain the lung and ensure his survival.

Vietnam first conducts kidney transplant across blood groups

For the first time Vietnamese doctors at Cho Ray hospital in HCM City have successfully conducted a renal transplant with a kidney taken from a relative who has a different blood group.

New hope spreads after successful hand transplantation

Nam's arms were amputated at the age of 15 due to a chemical accident. In front of the boy's eyes, all the doors to the future closed. That was four years ago, and his life has now turned a new page.

Vietnam successfully performs first liver transplant on child patient with late-stage cancer

Doctors from the National Children's Hospital and the 108 Central Military Hospital have successfully performed a liver transplant on an 18-month-old girl suffering from malignant hepatoblastoma.

Vung Tau family donates son's organs to save four people

After Mr. T. died in a traffic accident, his family in the southern city of Vung Tau decided to donate their beloved son's organs to give life to others.

After 29 years, patient finally diagnosed with male pseudohermaphroditism

When "N", born in 1992 in Hanoi, was in high school, she realized that she was different from her peers.

Mother meets recipient of son’s heart

Truong Thi Nhuong, 71, from Hai Duong province, who has long wanted to meet the person who received her son’s heart, has been granted her wish.

Mother wants to meet recipient of son’s heart

A 71-year-old mother has asked for help to meet the person who received a heart from her son, but she has been refused by the hospital.

Low number of organ transplant cases due to attitudes toward organ donations

The Ministry of Health affirmed that Vietnam now can master organ transplantation techniques, but the number of transplants remains modest.

Life begins anew for man who receives arm transplant

Pham Van Vuong, 32, from Thanh Tri district in Hanoi, uses both hands to pour out tea into a cup when receiving guests. His arm transplant, which came from the body of a 51-year-old man, has become part of him and he can now feel it and move with it.

Young PhD promotes organ donation registration to save lives

With his health and job in good condition, a young lecturer at the HCM City University of Forestry and Agriculture with a doctorate registered to donate his organs after death to convey the message that ‘giving is forever existing’.

Doctors first perform successful surgery for pelvis transplant

Vietnamese doctors have successfully completed the country’s first-ever pelvis transplant on a patient suffering from bone cancer.

The promise before death of the man who donated his organs to save 10 people

There were many things the married couple planned to do when they were united, but these never happened because of an accident that killed the husband.

Doctors carry out organ transplant to 6 patients from brain-dead donor

The Hanoi-based 108 Military Central Hospital has performed a multiple organ transplantation with organs taken from a brain dead donor, saving the lives of six different patients.

Vietnamese doctors carry out first-ever intestine transplants from live donors

The biggest difficulty in intestine transplantation is connecting arteries and veins to nourish the transplanted organ.

First patient has her own kidney transplanted at Hue Hospital

The General Hospital of Hue successfully performed a kidney transplant for a female patient.

Vietnamese babies undergo successful liver transplants

Two babies who underwent surgery for serious liver diseases have recovered, said the National Paediatrics Hospital on Wednesday.


Vietnam successfully performs world's first limb transplant from live donor

Vietnam has successfully conducted the world's first limb transplant from a live donor, Central Military Hospital 108 announced on Monday.


Hanoi hospital announces organ transplant record

Vietnam-Germany Friendship Hospital in Hanoi has successfully conducted 15 organ transplants this month to save people on the verge of death. This was a record for Vietnam.


Experts share international experience on organ transplant

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam has 19 organ transplant centres, and the biggest problem they face was a shortage of organs to conduct transplants,