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The messages, sent frequently at day and night, contain sensitive content and links with unclear origin.

Spam messages from OTT apps unpreventable, mobile-network operators claim

Mobile subscribers are receiving more and more SMS spam in addition to spam messages from OTT (apps. Both the watchdog agency and mobile-network operators say they have not been able to find effective solutions to control the messages.

OTT apps to thrive when Vietnam deploys 4G

 VietNamNet Bridge –  Voice call and SMS services will be provided free of charge when Vietnamese mobile network operators join hands with OTT (over the top) app developers to earn money from data services.

Eavesdropping software products sold in the open air

 VietNamNet Bridge – The software products have become so smart that they not only allow eavesdropping on normal calls or SMS, but the calls and SMS applied OTT apps as well.

Is OTT apps’ information security worrying?

 VietNamNet Bridge – Mobile network operators have expressed their worries about the information security problems OTT (over the top content) app users may have. But how high is the risk?

Improved Viber version won’t be a threat to other OTTs?

Experts believe that the launching of Viber’s version in Vietnamese language and the version for computers would have direct impacts on the OTTs with the focus on basic communications, rather than on the mobile platforms OTTs. 

The cutthroat competition among OTT apps kicks off

Too many firms have jumped into the OTT market, both domestic and foreign, which have spent multi billions of dong to advertise the apps. Only those who can spend money like water can win the competition.

Mobile network operators told to “live together” with OTT

Mobile network operators have been told to get adapted to the OTT-age instead of trying to eliminate it.