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Netflix has cut some scenes in the movie "Put Your Head on my Shoulder" that contains false information about Vietnam’s sovereignty.

Fierce battle for Southeast Asia’s over-the-top crown

Southeast Asia’s over-the-top media market remains a tough arena for both foreign and Vietnamese players due to fierce competition and the sheer number of companies involved.

OTT takes advantage of cinema slump

National social distancing measures are dragging CGV and other cineplexes down, causing substantital losses.

Content industry will be ‘king’ in OTT game

VietNamNet Bridge - The content industry is expected to control the OTT game, and content producers will design the rules of the game, experts believe.  

VN Television requests OTT suppliers to conform to copyright law

The national television channel VTV is still not ready to provide VTV-produced TV channels on the internet as it needs to carefully consider technical solutions to copyright protection, according to a VTV Digital representative.

OTT not the core business for mobile network operators

VietNamNet Bridge - Nguyen Viet Dung, CEO of Viettel Telecom, noted that it is small firms, such as Zalo, not large mobile network operators like Viettel, which are now leading the OTT (over the top) market. 

Private televisions redrawing TV market

VietNamNet Bridge - More and more TV channels owned by private investors have been launched recently, creating a new TV market.

Why did Viber close its representative office in Vietnam?

Last week Viber announced that it would close the office in Vietnam. Some experts said the reason behind is that Viber could not find a common voice with the local telecom firms.

VinaPhone launches OTT service V

 Mobile carrier VinaPhone has marketed its new app VietTalk to provide customers with more options for calling and texting via the Internet.

Foreign OTT-service providers find it tough to enter market

 VietNamNet Bridge – In order to be able to provide OTT (over the top) services in Vietnam, foreign firms have to fulfill “impossible missions”.

OTT service providers reluctant to work with mobile-network operators

 VietNamNet Bridge – OTT (over the top) firms fear they will be at a disadvantage if they have to work with mobile network operators to provide services.

Viber to be put under strict control for paid services

Under a draft circular on the management of internet-based voice and text services, Viber will have to cooperate with Vietnamese telcos and obey the regulations on charges and service quality to be eligible to provide Viber Out in Vietnam.

OTT TV service providers incur losses

 VietNamNet Bridge – None of the OTT (over the top) TV service providers are dreaming of making profits at a time when they must compete with both illegal services and social networks.

Will Btalk replace Viber as most popular OTT app for Vietnamese?

BKAV, a “rookie” in the OTT (over-the-top) app market, has made an eloquent statement that Btalk, its newly launched OTT app, will overthrow Viber, a very favorite app for Vietnamese at this moment, to become the most popular OTT app in Vietnam.

Mobile network operators try to develop OTT apps of their own

 VietNamNet Bridge – Mobile network operators, having lost patience in their efforts to join forces with OTT (over-the-top) app developers, are now trying to develop OTT apps on their own.

Mobile network operators move noisily to OTT service market

 VietNamNet Bridge – MobiFone has announced it will develop OTT apps itself, while the military telecom group Viettel reportedly considers buying South Korean Kakao Talk.

Android TV Box believed to be the biggest choice for TV users

 VietNamNet Bridge – The reasonable prices of Android TV Box proves to be the great advantage that helps Android TV Box become more favored than smart TVs. Experts believe that this would be the biggest choice for TV users in the near future.

OTT battle field: Zalo combats against Viber and Line

 VietNamNet Bridge – A new chapter has begun in the history of the OTT (over the top) app market. As some service providers have left, the market is now controlled by the three big guys Zalo, Viber and Line.


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Mobile network operators, OTT and the TPP story

The Trans Pacific Strategic Partnership Agreement (TPP) would bring big disadvantages to domestic mobile network operators, because of the TPP’s provisions on creating most favorable conditions for ISPs and removing all the barriers.