Outdated vehicles

Update news Outdated vehicles

Regulations on recalling outdated motorbikes took effect on January 1, 2018 under Decision No. 16 of the Prime Minister, but the recalling of outdated vehicles remains a “mission impossible”.


HCM City launches campaign to reduce number of outdated vehicles

The campaign to inspect and handle outdated motor vehicles in the city will take place from March 1 to June 14 this year.

HCM City to ban rudimentary vehicles after 2025

Ho Chi Minh City’s Transport Department has proposed to ban rudimentary transport vehicles in two phases by 2025.

Outdated vehicles still run on streets of Saigon

Super-old motorbikes without lights or mirrors carrying bulky things still run on the streets of Saigon, threatening the safety of others.

Out-dated vehicles plague Vietnam's roads

 The Vietnamese authorities are struggling to deal with hundreds of out-dated cars and trucks that are still running on the streets.