Sky Le

This is a dream he has had for many years, following a return to Vietnam to give free haircuts on the streets.

Born in 1987 in Quy Nhon, Vietnam, he left for the US for resettlement at the age of 16. Because of criticism from his uncle, he decided to learn to cut hair. He studied with Donnal Chung, a famous Hong Kong hair stylist, in the early 1990s.  

After completing his apprenticeship, Sky Le worked in the field of hairstyling. He lived and worked in many large cities such as London, New York and Dallas, and in South Korea, Puerto Rico and Vietnam for seven years.

After accumulating enough experience and capital, Sky Le opened a hair studio under his brand name in St. Louis, Missouri in the US. His studio only received 1-3 clients each day.

The cost for each hairstyling was $300-500, or VND7-12 million. With special requests, he charged $800, or VND19 million. The studio obtained revenue of tens of thousands of dollars each month.

However, after two years, Sky Le decided to shut down the studio to follow his dream of traveling around the world and giving haircuts free of charge.

The journey allowed the hairstylist to do many things he wanted – trekking in many countries, learning about and connecting with different cultures, and introducing Vietnam’s image to the world.

He also wanted to spread love and sympathy through hairstyling art. Over many years, Sky Le has many times returned to Vietnam, inviting his friends in the hairstyling community to go with him to give free haircuts on streets.

During each trip, he sees many people, hears interesting stories and better understands human life.

“It’s not just a simple haircut. What I am interested in is the stories behind each hair,” he said. 

After a friend of his escaped death, he gathered enough determination to do a world  journey called Sky World Tour. Le said in order to travel, he has sacrificed many things. His family members did not agree with his idea.

“I had a comfortable life, but finally I just had one hair studio. If I travel around the world, I have many lessons and significant stories that cannot be bought with money,” he said.

Under Sky’s World Tour plan, he will go to five continents with a pickup truck within three years. He will spend five months on every continent he visits. 

Despite small amounts of savings, he isn't worried too much about his spending. He will eat and sleep in the pickup, and have a bath when stopping at a filling station. He will film himself instead of hiring cameramen.

In every corner Le plans to go, he will learn about local culture and life, listen and note down the stories of local people, and give free haircuts to those who have demand. 

He will also seek and connect with Vietnamese in different countries. At night, he will write diaries about what he has experienced.

Besides obtaining experience, Le wants to inspire people and call for donations for MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières, or Doctors without Borders).

Gia Bao