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Sixteen Vietnamese workers injured in Taiwan factory blaze now safe

Out of the 16 workers, three sustained serious injuries, four had moderate injuries and nine had minor injuries; three of whom have been released from the hospital.

Vietnamese language classes strengthen cultural ties around the world

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Le Thi Thu Hang said Vietnamese language classes not only helped the Vietnamese community in Laos preserve and promote the Vietnamese language but also instilled a love for the Vietnamese language in foreigners.

Morocco earthquake: No Vietnamese victim reported so far: Ambassador

The Vietnamese Embassy in Morocco has promptly contacted citizens and the Vietnamese in the country while maintaining close contact with local authorities to update the situation relating to a 6.8-magnitude earthquake stroking High Atlas September 8.

Vietnamese language helps overseas Vietnamese connect with homeland

The preservation and dissemination of the Vietnamese language among overseas Vietnamese communities around the world not only help them improve language competency but nurture a pride and love for the homeland.

Vietnam community in Slovakia congratulated on being 14th ethnic minority group

The Vietnamese Embassy in Slovakia has held a ceremony to congratulate the Vietnamese community there on being recognised as the 14th ethnic minority group of the host country.

Summer Camp for Vietnamese youth and students in Europe debuts

The ninth opening ceremony of the Vietnam Youth Student Summer Camp in Europe took place on August 24 at the Vietnam Cultural Center in France.

Summer camp brings overseas youths closer to homeland

The Vietnam Summer Camp 2023, which brought together outstanding young overseas Vietnamese people from many countries and territories around the world, wrapped up with a ceremony in the central city of Da Nang on August 1.

Two Vietnamese killed in Cambodia nightclub fire

Two Vietnamese were among eight found dead in a devastating night club fire in downtown capital Phnom Penh, Cambodia, last weekend.

Vietnam ready for citizen protection measures in Russia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam is developing citizen protection plans for Vietnamese expatriates in southern Russia amidst complicated situations there.

Overseas Vietnamese artist embraces traditional music

Vietnamese traditional music is reaching out into the world with melodies and songs that are going viral, particularly with the younger generation.

Ha Phuong and billionaire Chinh Chu still married, deminishing divorce rumours

The latest pictures of Vietnamese American singer Ha Phuong and her billionaire husband Chinh Chu during a gathering with friends have ended rampant divorce rumors.

Overseas Vietnamese youths to come for annual summer camp

Young overseas Vietnamese aged 12 to 22 from across the world are set to take part in the 16th summer camp which is scheduled to take place from July 11 to July 15 in Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Thuan province.

Vietnamese community recognised as ethnic minority group in Slovakia

The Slovak Government on June 7 officially recognised the Vietnamese community as the country’s 14th ethnic minority group and approved regulations for the community.

French woman wants to find Vietnamese biological mother 28 years after adoption

Never forgetting her Vietnamese origin, a young French woman longs to find her biological Vietnamese mother, who left her after she was born.

Talented French-Vietnamese musician to perform in Vietnam

Talented French-Vietnamese musician and singer Dorothée Hannequin is set to put on a musical performance in Vietnam this June, according to details given by the French cultural centre L’Espace.

Truong Sa in the heart of overseas Vietnamese across globe

Former Deputy Foreign Minister, Ambassador Nguyen Thanh Son has highlighted the significance of visits by overseas Vietnamese (OVs) to people and soldiers in Truong Sa island district and DK1 platform across the past 11 years.

Vietnamese-American scientist awarded Wilhelm Exner Medal 2023

Vietnamese-American scientist Nguyen Thuc Quyen has recently been awarded the Wilhelm Exner Medal 2023 for her valuable contributions directly impacting the future economy through the development of organic solar cells.

Vietnamese female scientist organises science camp for children in London

46 high school students in London took part in the Science Camp experience. Most of them are girls from disadvantaged backgrounds or from minority communities from less affluent areas in London who are less likely to pursue a career in STEM.

Overseas Vietnamese businessman vows to revive race course

After many years of living in Australia, Nguyen Ngoc My decided to return to Vietnam with a plan to recover the sport of horse racing in his homeland.

Vietnamese-origin artists in UK retain memories of homeland

Vietnamese-origin artists in the UK are sharing their memories and experiences about the homeland through an ongoing exhibition titled “No place like home” at the Museum of the Home in Hackney district in East London.