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The Quan The Am Pagoda in Ngu Hanh Son District in Da Nang has a set of 16 porcelain paintings that have been recognized as setting a Vietnamese record.

Admiring the tranquil beauty of the holy land

Located in Chuong My District of Hanoi, the ancient Tram Gian Pagoda has been known far and wide for its long history and beauty.

Spiritual milestones affirm Vietnam’s sovereignty in the sea

Nine pagodas formed from shrines or small Buddha statues erected a long time ago in the Truong Sa archipelago by Vietnamese fishermen are not only places of religious and belief activities but also the country’s sovereignty milestones on the sea.

Soc Trang’s Khmer pagoda features giant Buddha statue

With the long-standing bonds of the Kinh, Khmer, and Hoa ethnic groups, Soc Trang boasts a special cultural identity that makes it an outstanding spiritual destination for tourists and Buddhist followers from far and wide.

Nom Pagoda - a treasure from the past

Aside from the antique and solemn landscape, Nom Pagoda is also preserving valuable objects which are old statues dating back centuries.

Admiring three Vietnamese pagodas hidden in caves

Bich Dong pagoda in northern Ninh Binh province, Hang pagoda on Ly Son Island, and Phuoc Dien pagoda in southern An Giang province are considered the most beautiful worship sites hidden in caves nationwide.

One Pillar Pagoda: a symbol of Hanoi's millennial culture

The iconic pagoda, which is regarded as a unique architecture in Vietnam and Asia, is a spiritual destination representing the thousand-year-old culture of the capital city.

Hung Ky Pagoda showcases unique ceramic architecture

The ancient beauty, special decorations and statues at the pagoda surprise many visitors, showcasing the talent and skill of Vietnamese artisans in the early 20th century.

Loi Am Pagoda – a must-see spiritual landmark in Quang Ninh

Lesser known and less crowded than Yen Tu or Ba Vang pagodas, Loi Am Pagoda is one of the most sacred spiritual sites in the province.

The 'green treasures' in an 800-year-old pagoda

Pho Minh Pagoda - a famous pagoda in Nam Dinh province - is the home to "priceless green treasures".

Dong Ngo Pagoda: A special museum housing stone tools

Dong Ngo Pagoda in Tien Tien commune in Hai Duong city, Hai Duong province, has become a storage and display space for thousands of old agricultural stone tools and objects and is considered a unique museum in Vietnam.

Discover Thang Long Tu Tran - the four most sacred temples in Hanoi

Visiting sacred temples on the occasion of the New Year is a sincere way for Hanoians to remember the past and pay respects to their predecessors.

The legend of the old temple near the cu chi tree in Long An

Phuoc Dinh Temple is not as spacious or large as other old temples in the area, but it is well known for interesting anecdotes associated with its origin.

Ngoa Van Pagoda: a sacred destination in Quang Ninh

Located on Bao Dai Mountain, Dong Trieu District, in the northern province of Quang Ninh, Ngoa Van Pagoda Relic Complex is a sacred pilgrimage site attracting tourists all year round.

An ancient pagoda on the mountainside

Regarded as one of the most famous pagodas in the Mekong Delta, Hang Pagoda—or officially Phuoc Dien Pagoda—in Chau Doc City, An Giang Province, is one of the province’s top attractions.

Excavation work at three pagodas in Hai Duong approved

Archaeological exploration and excavation work at three ancient pagodas in the northern province of Hai Duong has been licensed by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Extraordinary temple with nine kneeling oxen in central Vietnam

Situated at the Vietnam and Lao PDR border is the Chin Gian (9 compartments) Temple dedicated to the discoverers of nine areas in Phu Quy of the central province of Nghe An. Nine stone oxen are in a kneeling position in front of the temple.

Hanoi orders closure of streetside stalls, religious sites

The capital city of Hanoi has ordered the closure of streetside stalls, monuments, temples and pagodas from February 16 to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The most beautiful pagodas in Vietnam’s southwestern region

Besides orchards and floating markets, the Southwestern region of Vietnam also attracts visitors with its many ancient and sacred Buddhist temples.

26 temple antiques in Hanoi stolen in one month

There have been 26 antiques stolen from four communal houses and pagodas in Hanoi during the past month.