On the Truong Sa archipelago, Vietnamese fishermen built temples, shrines or small Buddha statues to pray to God and Buddha to bless their peaceful trips to the sea. 

On that basis, nine pagodas have been restored on the islands of Song Tu Tay, Nam Yet, Son Ca, Phan Vinh, Sinh Ton, Sinh Ton Dong, Da Tay A, Truong Sa Dong and Truong Sa. 

The pagodas built on islands in the Truong Sa archipelago are like those on the mainland, with wooden architecture, and bricks and tiles. Each pagoda has an abbot.

The common feature is that the main hall faces the East Sea, overlooking the capital of Hanoi. In addition to the function of worshiping Buddha, there are altars in the pagodas to worship heroes and martyrs who died to protect the sovereignty of the sacred sea and islands of the country.

The Great Truong Sa Pagoda is located in the center of Truong Sa town, on the Great Truong Sa Island of Truong Sa District, Khanh Hoa Province.
Inside the pagoda.
Vinh Phuc Pagoda is located close to the coast on Phan Vinh Island of Truong Sa District, Khanh Hoa Province.
Song Tu Tay Pagoda on Song Tu Tay Island.
Sinh Ton Pagoda on Sinh Ton Island.
Inside the Sinh Ton Pagoda on Sinh Ton Island.
Nam Huyen Pagoda on Nam Yet Island.
Son Linh Pagoda is located on Da Tay A Island.
The inauguration ceremony of the Sinh Ton Dong pagoda.
The Sinh Ton Dong pagoda.
The Truong Sa Dong pagoda on Truong Sa Dong Island.
The Da Tay A on Da Tay Island.
The 9 pagodas are the country’s sovereignty milestones on the sea.

Nguyen Phu Duc