The Politburo stated that Party organisations over recent times have made a breakthrough in the fight against corruption, helping to maintain political stability, promote socio-economic development, build a strong political system, and consolidate local people’s trust in both the Party and the regime as a whole.

However, it also pointed out several major shortcomings in the fight, including undue attention paid to communications and loop holes within the legal system, adding there remain notorious graft scandals that lead to general frustration among the public. 

To make the fight more effective, the Politburo requested that Party organisations enhance communications and education on thrift practice and waste prevention among both Party members and ranking officials.

It went on to request that relevant agencies perfect the legal system on corruption prevention, especially in terms of regulations on power control in areas that often give rise to corruption and waste.

The Politburo stressed the necessity of attaching the accountability of leaders of organisations to wrongdoings, with a particular focus on punitive measures which could potentially be imposed on morally deteriorated officials.

Another important task is to continue strengthening inspections in order to swiftly detect and bring to light notorious graft scandals in sensitive areas, such as land management and public asset procurement.

Furthermore, the Politburo underscored the importance of ramping up the corruption fight as part of the restructuring of State-owned enterprises, while simultaneously bringing into full play the role of people-elected organisations in overseeing this fight.

Most notably, the Politburo requested that relevant agencies gradually expand the scope of anti-corruption exercises to the non-State sector and strive to improve the effectiveness of international co-operation in the fight, in line with Vietnamese conditions and law.

Source: VOV