Update news payment

District authorities in HCM City have been urged to complete land acquisition, compensation payment and resettlement by the end of June for the metro line No 2 between District 1 and District 12.

Foreigners to bear costs of Covid-19 treatment in Vietnam: PM

Ideas suggest that Vietnam should not offer free treatment for foreigners as it will cause financial burden.

PM blamed ministries for Moody’s negative action

Delay in paying government debts was due to the lack of seriousness of related government agencies in following the instruction of the prime minister.

Promoting cashless payments to boost internet economy in Vietnam

Cashless payments would not only increase of the circulation of capital, it would also help boost the internet economy, said Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam.


Hospitals unsure on payment for malpractice victims

 VietNamNet Bridge – After fatal medical error, the anguish of victims and their families often drags on because of a lack of specific regulations to determine the appropriate compensation for medical malpractice.

Teachers will be paid according to their capacity

 VietNamNet Bridge – Education and training always comes high on the list of priority sectors to be developed. However, teachers are among the lowest income earners.

How big is Vietnam’s public debt, $128.9 or $66.8 billion?

The economic development model which relies much on the investment capital increase is believed to be the “culprit” that causes the high public debt.

Nobody has the right to force people to make non-cash payments

The State Bank of Vietnam does not have the right to force people to make payment in check and eliminate the payment in cash. This would violate the constitution, experts say.

Bans won’t be useful in building non-cash economy

VietNamNet Bridge – The tentative suggestion on requiring via-bank payment for the transactions of valuable products, to many people, is just “trifle,” and raises no worry to them, because they believe they can play tricks to dodge the laws.

Taxes and fees raise violent controversy in 2012

While the government weighed and measured out every dong of the bailouts to businesses, ministries tried everything they could to impose higher charges and fees on enterprises, which were nearly at the point of death.