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Licenses to be revoked for some petrol distributors

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has issued a series of decisions on revoking certificates for petrol distributors.

Six businesses lose fuel distribution licenses

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has revoked the fuel distribution licenses from six local businesses, with effect on February 27.

Nearly 100 petrol stations shut down during Tet holiday

Nearly 100 petrol stations nationwide were closed during the Tet Lunar New Year holiday, claiming they had run out of stock and lacked employees.

Tougher penalties against fuel hoarders, smugglers to be imposed

Under the Minister of Industry and Trade’s Directive, harsher penalties will be imposed on traders or businesses found engaging in price gouging, resorting to hoarding, and smuggling fuel.

Ministries trade blame for disrupted petrol supply

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) and the Ministry of Finance (MoF) are working around the clock to bring down petrol prices in the domestic market, according to the two ministries.

Mekong Delta highly likely to face large-scale petroleum supply disruption

In recent days, many petrol filling stations in the Mekong Delta region have closed and stopped selling, partly because of losses, and partly because of supply shortages, leading to the prospect of large-scale disruptions in the region.

No petrol shortage for domestic use: Trade ministry

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is committed to ensuring sufficient supplies of petroleum products for the domestic market.

Vietnam ensures sufficient supply of petroleum for use until year end

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has affirmed that it can guarantee the supply of petroleum for the domestic market until the end of the year.

HCM City says petrol supply adequate to fully meet demand

The HCM City Department of Industry and Trade has assured there is an adequate supply of petroleum products to meet demand and it will prevent any hoarding of these goods.