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Hang Luoc flower market proves to be a hit among customers ahead of Tet

Situated on Hang Luoc street in Hanoi, the local flower market is currently packed with customers who are looking to purchase beautiful peach blossom branches or trees in the build up to the Lunar New Year or Tet.

Top five locations to snap beautiful photos for Tet

Phung Hung and Hang Ma mural painting streets, Nhat Tan peach garden, book street, and Phuong Linh flower garden are among the top five places in which people can go to take elegant photos before Tet.

Hanoi – UNESCO’s Creative City in Design category

There are 140 creative spaces in Vietnam, 60 of them in Hanoi, which offer diversified art genres: fine arts, fashion, architecture, cinematography, and street festivals.

Hanoi shuts down train track cafes

Hanoi authorities have started shutting down the cafes along the popular railway line on Dien Bien Phu to Phung Hung Street on October 10.

Unique railway café in Hanoi

A railway track crossing inside Hanoi with many small booths and rows of houses on two sides is considered a unique feature in the capital city.