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After seven years of implementing Resolution 29 on reforming the education and training sector, Vietnam has gained several outstanding achievements.

Many students abroad suffer from depression, doctors say

Studying abroad is desired by well-off families, who believe that graduates can find good jobs and have a good future.

Continued reform to upgrade education

 Minister of Education and Training Phung Xuan Nha talked with VIR about what the sector will do in 2019 to win more confidence from the public and improve educational and training services.

Continued reform to upgrade education

Despite numerous achievements posted in 2018, much remains to be done for the Vietnamese education and training sector.

Local authorities complain about teacher shortage

VietNamNet Bridge - Twenty-seven cities/provinces have reported they lack teachers for the 2018-2019 academic year and want to employ new teachers. 

Many education reform projects fail, so who is to blame?

The first textbook replacement campaign in 1981-1992 finished just before the Ministry of Education and Training began implementing a project on compiling new textbooks for the second time in October 1993, using ODA capital.

Tertiary education tuition to be determined by universities

MOET says that tertiary education quality is low partially because of the low tuition. 

Vietnam education can take off only if biased treatment ends: experts

VietNamNet Bridge - Analysts say that discriminatory treatment is hindering the development of Vietnam education.

Vietnamese teaching methods foster passive learning

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam’s universities attach importance to students studying in an active and creative way, but many students are not self-motivated and do not learn independently. 

Is it time to end the State Professorship Council’s mission?

When universities in Vietnam obtain the right to grant professor and associate professor titles as in other developed countries, the State Professorship Council will have no reason to continue to exist, analysts say.

School violence, disorder shake up education community

VietNamNet Bridge - The reports about school scandals have caused concern among parents and educators. 

Teacher forced to kneel to parents as tension mounts at schools

VietNamNet Bridge - Educators complain that teaching has become a ‘dangerous profession’ as teachers have to bear too much pressure from superiors and parents.

The impressive statements of the Minister of Education in 2017

Phung Xuan Nha, Minister of Education and Training, made some impressive statements in 2017, showing his strong commitment towards reform of Vietnam education.

Number of PhD students declining because of stricter requirements

Vietnam needs more university lecturers with doctorates, but the Ministry of Education and Training says that training will not come at any cost and that quality should be the most important factor.

Student enrollment drops amid tuition increases

As many as 352,000 students passed exams to enter universities in the first enrollment period, but only 242,000 students have turned up to start school, while 110,000 students have rejected the opportunity. 

Why do so many uni grads remain unemployed?

VietNamNet Bridge - MOET has asked universities to publicize surveys and reports on the employment of their graduates. The statistics must be published on the schools’ websites, beginning this year.

200,000 unemployed university grads still at acceptable level: educators

VietNamNet Bridge - The number of university graduates who are jobless must not discourage students from pursuing higher education, Nguyen Thi Kim Phung, director of the University Education Department, has said.

Universities lag behind as schools expand training, lower standards

VietNamNet Bridge - In order to increase revenue, universities are expanding their training scale, receiving as many students as possible and lowering requirements on students.

Problems in education sector mount

VietNamNet Bridge - The educational sector has been blamed for the unemployment of 200,000 university graduates, among other issues. 

2017 the year for enforcing discipline at schools

VietNamNet Bridge - School violence has caused problems in the Vietnamese educational sector in recent years. An eighth grader, for example, committed suicide after being beaten and humiliated in front of friends.