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Vietnam targets reduction in single-use plastics and plastic waste

The Vietnamese government has focused on dealing with plastic waste pollution and ocean plastic waste in recent years by renewing legal documents and policies on environmental protection.

Vietnamese fishing activities dump 9,000 tonnes of plastic waste annually

Vietnam’s fishing activities are discarding 8,700 tonnes of plastic waste every year, including 7,600 tonnes discharged by fishing boats.

Tourism businesses urged to reduce plastic waste

Vietnam Tourism Association launches a competition to develop plastic waste management tools for the tourism industry.

Plastic waste from tourism activities needs solutions

Vietnam ranked fourth out of 20 countries with the largest volume of plastic waste discharged into the sea.

Joint campaign launched to reduce plastic waste in Vietnam's tourism sector

The campaign encourages individuals and organisations in charge of cultural, sports, and tourism venues to reduce and eliminate single-use plastic and waste disposal.

Waste from fishing industry sparks concern

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has reported a large volume of waste from the fishing industry, of which fishing vessels with a length of 6 meters or longer generate over 64,100 tons of plastic waste a year.

Hanoi to say no to plastic bags in wet markets from 2023

Hanoi will create a favorable environment for the capital’s potential enterprises to connect investment and business with those operating in the international supply chain network.

Quang Ninh: Tourists discouraged from bringing single-use plastics to Co To Island

Tourists are being asked not to bring plastic bottles, bags and other single-use plastic items when visiting Co To Island district in the northern province of Quang Ninh.

Vietnam discards over three million tonnes of plastic waste a year

Vietnam is considered to be one of the major plastic polluters in the world, discharging about 3.1 million tonnes of plastic waste every year, including 0.28-0.73 million tonnes of plastic waste discharged into the ocean.

Vietnam to fine retailers for providing single-use plastic bags to consumers from 2026

Single-use plastic bags will be replaced with environmentally friendly alternatives by 2025.

Vietnam losses US$3 billion/year from waste

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam is among the top four countries with the largest amount of plastic waste discharged into the environment, estimated at more than 1.8 million tons per year.

Retailers to be fined if providing single-use plastic bags to consumers from 2026

Up to 104,000 single-use plastic bags are used at supermarkets each day, equivalent to 38 million bags a year.

Vietnam among 20 countries with largest plastic waste discharge

Vietnam discharges about 1.8 million tons of plastic waste each year. It is one of 20 countries with the largest amount of plastic waste in the world. 

HCM City deals with high volume of plastic waste due to COVID-19

The environmental sector of Ho Chi Minh City has taken various solutions to intensify the management of plastic waste that piles up amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Phasing out single-use plastic bags

Pollution has been mounting in Vietnam with the growing use of nylon bags and plastic products, which must be replaced with more environmentally friendly alternatives while improving consumer awareness.

10th grader makes bricks from waste and quicklime

Diem My, a 10th grader at Le The Hieu High School in Quang Tri province, has won first prize at the 10th Youth Creativity Competition.

The 'crazy' man and the sea

Every time he goes out to catch seafood, Tran Van Cuong collects cans, plastic bottles and bags to raise money for poor students while contributing to the protection of the marine environment.

Mondelez Kinh Do achieves 95% progress on sustainable packaging goals

Mondelez Kinh Do continues to make progress towards its ambitious commitments to reducing the environmental impact of packaging and tackling plastic waste.

Inefficient recycling of plastics costs Vietnam US$2.2-2.9 billion a year

Some 2.62 million tons of plastics in Vietnam are disposed of per year, that is, not recycled, resulting in a waste of 75% of the material value of plastics, which is equivalent to US$2.2 billion to US$2.9 billion per year.

Vietnam ready to join talks on global treaty on marine plastic waste

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has approved a plan for Vietnam to proactively prepare for and take part in the building of a global agreement on ocean plastic pollution.