The plum flowers often bloom since January to early February. The misty cold in the mountain helps highlight the beauty of the flowers. Na Ka Valley has the most plum trees with over 100ha of clear white blooming flowers. Tourists can easily enjoy the scenery and the sea of white plum blossoms while sightseeing from higher positions.

The plum flowers bloom earlier than usual. The plum trees are an attraction now but they were initially planted only commercial fruit plantations for the locals to harvest and sell plums. The farmers have to look after them carefully in order to have plenty of flowers and plums.

Hang A Cua, an owner of a plum garden in Pa Khen Cluster, Nong Truong Town, said, "Plum blossom tourism started in 2017. The number of tourists to Moc Chau during this time also increased year on year. Locals can sell various products from fruits to traditional dresses."

Other locations with a large number of plum blossoms are Phieng Canh Village, Tan Lap Commune, Pa Khen Cluster, Mu Nau Valley, and Long Luong Commune.

Some photos of the flowers: