HCM City to improve apartment building management
Hanoi building residential database to serve smart urban development

A fire sparked by hot weather and a monsoon destroyed 15ha of forest in Quang Binh Province. — Photo infonet.vn


In recent years, many big fires have occurred in urban and densely populated areas, industrial parks, and business and entertainment service establishments, causing serious damage to people and property.

To prevent and control fires, especially during prolonged periods of hot weather, the PM has asked local governments, people’s committees, ministries and relevant agencies to issue legal documents on fire prevention and control, and improve State management of residential buildings.

The Ministry of Public Security will also work with ministries and offices to evaluate fire prevention and fighting in industrial zones, warehouses, residential areas, and forests to discover fire risks and violations of regulations.

Establishments will be closed if they are found not complying with regulations on fire prevention and control. If heads of establishments are in violation, they will be strictly fined, the PM's letter said.

The Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Construction and Ministry of Public Security were also asked to review legal documents, regulations, and technical standards on fire prevention and control and offer suggestions on ways to improve State management of the problem.

In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce is required to instruct power companies and units to examine electrical grids and networks to discover if there are fire risks.

The media has also been asked to expand reporting and broadcasting of fire prevention and fire-fighting methods, while authorities were told to organise training in fire-fighting and escape skills for the public.

Forest fire

A serious blaze occurred yesterday in a coastal protective forest in the central province of Quang Binh, reported online newspaper vov.vn.

At 2pm, local residents discovered a big fire quickly expanding in the poplar and acacia forest in Vo Ninh coastal commune in Quang Ninh District. The fire spread partly because of a southwest monsoon occurring at the time.

Hundreds of fire-fighters, forest rangers and local people spent more than five hours putting out the fire.

However, small fires were still smoldering, which could lead to fires in other areas in the forest.

"The fire destroyed about 15ha of forest,” Pham Hong Thai, head of the provincial Forest Ranging Department, told the paper.

“At present, the forest rangers are using flycams to monitor fires in the forest,” he said.

The fire was caused by high temperatures, hot sand and a strong monsoon, he added.

The province is now experiencing very hot, sunny weather, which can lead to a high risk of fire. In September, a severe fire damaged 100ha of protective forest.