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PM urges new way of thinking about development, serious implementation of digital transformation

The Prime Minister has emphasized that we must face difficulties and challenges, reform the development mindset, change the way of doing, and seriously carry out digital transformation and build a digital economy.

At the recent conference on the 13 Party Congress’ Resolution, Politburo member and Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc presented the topic “Vietnam’s 10-year socio-economic development strategy (2021-2030) and orientation and tasks for the next 5 years (2021-2025)”.

Thủ tướng: Phải đổi mới tư duy phát triển, quyết liệt chuyển đổi số

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc


According to the cabinet leader, after 35 years of reform, Vietnam has achieved achievements of historical significance. The country’s power and force are much stronger while the scale, potential and competitiveness of the economy have been raised.

Reviewing outstanding results of the economy in the 12th term of the Central Party Committee, he said that in 2020 Vietnam’s GDP per capita reached over $3,500. Vietnam was among the top 10 countries in the world in economic growth. Economic openness was about 200% of GDP, making it one of the most open countries in the world. For the power index, Vietnam ranked 12th out of 26 countries and territories.

However, the Prime Minister acknowledged that the economy still has shortcomings, limitations and potential risks. The level of science and technology, productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness are low. The GDP growth rate has slowed down and the country faces the risk of falling into the middle income trap and falling behind others. Land loss after 35 years of reform, and especially in the past 10 years, was still high.

In particular, the Covid-19 pandemic stilll exists, which may cause negative effects on the Vietnamese economy in the early period of implementation of the country's socio-economic development strategy.

Among the reasons leading to these shortcomings, the Prime Minister pointed out that the mode of social management leadership in many places is not appropriate or effective.

Notably, there is also the ask and give mechanism, "term thinking" and "group benefits". The capacity and sense of responsibility of some officials and civil servants are still limited. The coordination between state agencies in many cases is not at a high level.

Meanwhile, discipline is not very strict. Corruption and negative manifestations remain, affecting the development of the country.

The Prime Minister said: "Facing difficulties and challenges, we must renew our development mindset, change the way of doing."

Thủ tướng: Phải đổi mới tư duy phát triển, quyết liệt chuyển đổi số

At the national conference on the 13 Party Congress’ Resolution on March 28



He pointed out that Vietnam needs to promote institutional reform, the application of scientific and technological advances and innovation; and drastically carry out digital transformation, build a digital economy, promote large-scale infrastructure development, promote domestic consumption, and create jobs.

The Prime Minister also emphasized the need to strongly promote the role of enterprises of all types of ownership, the formation of link chains and value chains, and strongly develop the domestic market, gradually forming new national production capacity, to focus on effectively overcoming the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and building new models, making good use of opportunities of regional and global investment shifting waves.

One of the five development perspectives mentioned by the Prime Minister is to arouse the aspirations of developing a prosperous and happy country and the will of self-reliance, and promoting the strength of the great bloc of national unity; taking Vietnamese cultural values and Vietnamese people as an important foundation of endogenous strength; and promoting the spirit of dedication for the country...

The Prime Minister also pointed out three key elements in the country's development strategy in the coming time.

Firstly, motivation and determination. To arouse aspirations for national development, strongly promote the value of Vietnamese culture, Vietnamese people and the power of the times.

Secondly, the main ways and means include mobilizing all resources for rapid and sustainable development on the basis of science, technology, innovation and digital transformation.

The third is about the target to become a developing country with modern industry by 2030 with high average income, and by 2045 to become a developed country with high income.

Thu Hang

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