Bộ Chính trị cho thí điểm hộ chiếu vắc-xin với khách quốc tế đến Phú Quốc
Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong chairs the meeting to give opinions on the situation of Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control. Photo: VNA


At a meeting on June 11, the Politburo emphasized the spirit of "fighting the epidemic like fighting the enemy", implementing the dual goals of preventing and controlling epidemic while developing the economy, taking care of people's lives, and protecting people's health.

The Politburo praised the people at home and abroad for upholding the patriotic tradition and the spirit of solidarity to contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic development.

The Politburo asked the entire political system to focus on the prevention and control of the epidemic with the spirit of "fighting the epidemic like fighting the enemy"; take the initiative in plans and scenarios to promptly respond to all situations; and to not be negligent or satisfied with the initial results achieved.

The Politburo requested stronger leadership, direction and administration in the implementation of socio-economic solutions and saving of budget expenditures, especially recurring expenditures, to ensure adequate resources for Covid prevention and control.

The Government's Party Personnel Committee will closely coordinate with the National Assembly’s Party Committee to focus on removing difficulties and obstacles related to institutions, mechanisms and policies in order to support, maintain, and promote production and business.

The Politburo agreed that Phu Quoc resort island in Kien Giang Province will be Vietnam’s first locality to pilot the acceptane of international visitors’ vaccine passports in a number of tourist sites that can control the pandemic.

However, the Politburo requested strict control of foreign entries or repatriation of overseas Vietnamese, and synchronous and effective solutions to control border to prevent illegal entry. It stressed the need to review and fine-tune regulations, processes and guidelines to further improve pandemic prevention and control.

It required solutions to promote agricultural product consumption, especially in the localities with complicated developments of Covid-19.

It also required: the control of epidemics in livestock; no speculation and abnormal price increases; appropriate teaching, learning and examination plans for each locality; and policies, solutions, and charitable works to provide effective and practical support to workers, people and businesses affected by the epidemic.

The Politburo also asked to remove legal obstacles, mobilize all resources, encourage socialization, and develop the "Vaccine Fund", and to allow organizations and individuals that are eligible under State regulations to participate in the purchase and supply of Covid-19 vaccines, in order to speed up the purchase of vaccinations for the people.

Vaccinations will be given to priority subjects, such as frontline workers in epidemic prevention and control, people in high-risk areas, workers in industrial zones. And vaccinations for children will be considered. It asked to publicize vaccination programs in order to achieve herd immunity with a specific timeline.

It also asked to develop policies to encourage, support and promote research and development of vaccines in the country; and promote international cooperation in epidemic prevention and control, and equal access to vaccine supply, especially with traditional partners and friends with expertise in medical research and application in the field of vaccine production and supply.

Thu Hang

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