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Phu Quoc listed among 50 best places to travel in 2024

Online travel guide Travel Lemming has ranked Phu Quoc sixth among the 50 best places to travel to in 2024 which are perfect for longer trips and embracing a slower and more sustainable pace of travel.

Phu Quoc: one of world’s top destinations, but Vietnamese are not visiting

Phu Quoc Island has been praised by international mass media as a ‘rising star’ in the world’s tourism map. However, the number of domestic travelers to the island has dropped sharply compared with 2022.

More international flights to Phu Quoc: opportunities, challenges

Some airlines of the Republic of Korea are planning to open direct air routes to Phu Quoc island, which is considered not only opportunities but also challenges for its tourism sector.

Phu Quoc Aquarium hosts 255,000 aquatic creatures

The aquarium is shaped like a giant turtle, located on the beach in Ganh Dau commune, Phu Quoc Island.

Three beaches in Phu Quoc that will steal your heart

If you are searching for paradise, make sure Phu Quoc Island on the top of your list. Here are the top beaches on Vietnam’s biggest island.

Int’l media suggests three-day voyage through heavenly beachscapes in Phu Quoc

Bored Panda, one of the world’s leading art and pop culture magazines, has published an article unveiling a three-day voyage through some of the heavenly beachscapes found on Phu Quoc.

A night tour to Vietnam’s largest zoo in Phu Quoc

During a trip to Phu Quoc, Vietnam’s largest island, tourists have a chance to visit Vietnam’s largest zoo at night.

Foreign media gives travel guide to Phu Quoc island paradise in Vietnam

Phu Quoc, the largest island in Vietnam, is a much-loved destination among both foreign and domestic tourists for its endless beaches and pristine national park, reported global travel website The Week.

Phu Quoc: Vietnam’s first island city

Established in January 2021, Phu Quoc island city in the southern province of Kien Giang is expected to become an international center of tourism, resorts, trade and technology by 2040.

Sunset Town - a journey to love on the Pearl Island

Looking for a dreamy vacation spot this summer? Located on the southern side of Phu Quoc Island in Kien Giang Province, Sunset Town is an enchanting place that has captured the hearts of global travelers.

Phu Quoc’s flower crab grabs national trademark

Chefs in Kien Giang have jointly made a national record by making 100 dishes from flower crabs in an event co-organised by the Centre for Culture, Sports, and Radio of Phu Quoc island city and its Professional Chefs Association.

Visa exemption means international tourists can visit Phu Quoc for up to 30 days

Phu Quoc Island is an ideal choice for travel and long-term relaxation, with a complete visa exemption policy for international visitors, a temporary stay of up to 30 days, rich nature, and impressive architecture.

Phu Quoc mushroom makes delicacies

Phu Quoc Island is not only famous for fresh seafood, its local cuisine also has various unique delicacies from nấm tràm (Tylopilus Felleus), a kind of mushroom that grows in cajuput or eucalypt forests.

Investment policies of 11 projects in Phu Quoc Island withdrawn

The Chairman of the People's Committee of Kien Giang Province has recently decided to take back investment policies of 11 projects in Phu Quoc Island, according to Conclusion 602, dated July 24, 2020, of the Government Inspectorate.

Phu Quoc to become 'livable city for global citizens'

As a short-term vacation spot, Phu Quoc is also expected to become an ideal place for diverse living demands of global citizens in the future.

Phu Quoc: a must-see island

Bai Dai, Hon Thom, Ganh Dau, Gam Ghi island and Rach Vem fishing village are popular destinations on Phu Quoc Island (Kien Giang) from October to March.

20 international airlines keen to launch air routes to Phu Quoc

Up to 20 international airlines are actively seeking to open air services to Phu Quoc Island in the southern province of Kien Giang.

Phu Quoc halts scuba diving tours for coral protection

Underwater tourism activities that threaten coral reefs at Phu Quoc marine sanctuary have been suspended.

Resorts infringing Phu Quoc Marine Protected Area forced to dismantle

Owners of dozens of illegal constructions of resorts and bungalows infringing Phu Quoc Marine Protected Area in Phu Quoc island in the Mekong Delta Province of Kien Giang will be forced to dismantle.

People flock to beaches to avoid summer heat

Travelers complain that the sea areas are too crowded these days, with traffic jams occurring in many places and difficulties in booking hotel rooms.