VietNamNet Bridge – The upcoming pilot programme for Public-Private Partnership (PPP), which was recently approved by the Prime Minister, will focus on strengthening the country’s science and technology progress.


A bovine in vitro fertilization lab. Photo VNA/VNS The Duyet



The projects selected for the programme will relate to key scientific and technological issues essential to competitiveness in certain production sectors and the whole economy.

The PPP mechanism agrees to distribute capital and human resources between the public and private partners working on science and technology projects.

The partners will publicise the results of projects based on their shares.

The public partners include ministries, government agencies, cities and provinces’ people’s committees and State budget run-financial institutions. The private partners will be enterprises and other profitable institutions. The share of private partners receiving support will be over 40 per cent of the total capital.  

The Ministry of Science and Technology will select projects and partners based on the programme’s criteria.

The partners will then sign agreements to carry out the projects based on scales of their capital and purposes of projects.

The programme’s management board will make public lists of projects.

The Government encouraged both domestic and foreign organisations to contribute money, property and services to the programme.

Contribution to the programme will be counted as an investment into sciences and technological development, so the investments will be granted priorities as per regulations.

Businesses, entities or individuals who carry out any projects of the programme will be also given top priorities for using State-owned facilities, including laboratories.        

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